Man Facing Marijuana Charge Sparks a Joint in Courtroom and Smokes It

Spencer Alan Boston, 20, was in court in Wilson County on Monday facing a charge of simple possession.

Boston was called to speak in front of Judge Haywood Barry on a simple drug possession charge, according to the Tennessean. What happened next, surprised the entire courtroom as Boston took out a joint with marijuana in it from his coat and sparked it before going into a rant about legalizing cannabis.

Boston was in court Monday to discuss his case when he began talking about how marijuana should be legalized


To really drive his point home, he then pulled out what appeared to be a joint, lit it with a match and began smoking it. The courtroom erupted with laughter and Spencer was promptly arrested and escorted out of the courtroom.

Before leaving the room, CNN reports, he gave it one last college try, yelling to the court audience: “The people deserve better!”

He’s currently serving 10 days in jail for contempt of court, after which he’s eligible to post a US$3,000 bond.

Spencer’s next court appearance is set for April 14.

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