Man Tried To Sell Medical Cannabis on Facebook ‘Come get it’ … And The Police Came And Got Him

Authorities in Johnson County executed a search warrant Wednesday after investigating a Facebook post that read, “Come get it” with a picture of what appeared to be medical marijuana.

Investigators with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office found the Facebook post by Andrew Konchinsky, 26, 14 hours after posting it.

When they went to a Greenwood home in the 600 block of N. Park Drive, they were not expecting to find a potential drug deal going on.

“We were looking for Mr. Konchinsky and his bag of medical marijuana,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper. “We had no evidence at the time that there were deals going on, but with all the paraphernalia and drugs throughout the house, we believe there was some sort of some drug dealing and drug use that was going on there for quite some time.”

Inside the home investigators found marijuana, needles, syringes, digital scales, medical marijuana packaging and something else.

“Found the actual bag that was pictured on Facebook as for sale,” Cooper said. “Didn’t get it sold yet, no.”

“If you put something on social media, it’s going to be seen by somebody somewhere, so if you’re going to sell marijuana on social media, you’re probably going to get a knock on your door and your residence searched,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Bradley Cooper.

Cooper said penalties range on the low end of a maximum of 60 days in jail and a fine.

The prosecutor said the homeowners, 61-year-old Paula Gunning and 64-year-old David Gunning, will be charged with maintaining a common nuisance. They face a possible 2 and a half years in prison, along with a fine.

Cooper expected all seven people to make their initial court appearance next week.

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