Media Veteran is Suing Facebook Over Cannabis Ban

Cancer survivor and CBD medical consumer Felicia Palmer is taking a swing at the anti-cannabis establishment.

According to documents procured exclusively, Ms. Palmer, founder of the longest-running hip-hop news website in the world,, and her new company, Cannaramic Media, Inc., are commencing federal, civil action against Facebook, Inc., the social media behemoth running Facebook and Instagram, after a series of ads intended to promote the company’s educational Cannaramic Online Summit were rejected on the platforms, and the company’s follower page was disabled temporarily.

Interestingly, the suit is very timely, as the paperwork was completed on Thursday May 18th, the same day as the White House announced it is monitoring censorship by Facebook, and asking people to submit their complaints directly to the administration using this form.

Litigation attorney, David C. Holland, Esq., who serves as the Executive Director for the New York chapter of national marijuana advocacy organization, NORML, is representing the plaintiffs, Ms. Palmer and Cannaramic, pro bono. The suit is still open to other interested co-plaintiffs.

‘A Pattern Of Censorship’

Talking about the issue, Ms. Palmer and Mr. Holland explained that they see a “pattern of censorship and suppression of information and content pertaining to legal uses of cannabis across Facebook’s platform as well as that of the popular social media app, Instagram, also owned by Facebook.”

This is what has been outlined in the formal complaint: It was not just Ms. Palmer and Cannaramic’s rights to transmit information that were violated, but also those of Facebook users who had voluntarily chosen to get the information from the page.


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