• bg420 posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @seed-master If i order sour berry haze auto does this cone with 9 big seeds and 9 rsctice seeds like ur 200 customer deal

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    • you get 9 same seeds

    • Whats germ rate on these

    • Although its probably not a beginner item and likely is a 27 *C with a 5.8 pH you will get it eventually.
      Problem here is lack of spread for all the varieties to be tried out and also where to find farmers here in the city where paranoia is the law.
      Were here to help bro …
      If your first try doesnt get you a minimum of 6 lovely girls just let us know and we will help out with complimentary pkg. But if you succeed let us in on the secret sauce

    • My germ rate was zero. And I’m a practiced grower