• Thomas posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    2 seeds in soil, 2 seeds in water, 2 seeds in peat pellets, and 2 seeds in Coco pellets. Nothing hatched. Identical situation with the Acapulco gold autos with all germinating. Go figure! Are Glue seeds that much different?

    • I was happy to receive 18 seeds when I only expected 9 but no go for me as well….none of my GG germinated. Bad batch maybe??

    • different strains come from different parts of the globe from different farmers… we don’t offer any lab seeds… so the temperature and PH for sprouting can be different some seeds have residue on them (from farming and harvesting) despite cleaning before shipping (this can screw the ph and the seed wont sprout… so there are more than one possibility…