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  • Seed Master posted an update 7 months ago

    @possumbill Hi Will
    Crocus bulbs cost about $1 each and come in a variety of your fave colors.
    Re nutrients for organic growing – I am planning to buy some epsom salts and mix it into my agriculture algae solution to see what will happen once I take some of my new plants out of soil and transform them into algaeculture grow medium. I was…[Read more]

  • Will sonnet posted an update 7 months ago

    I’m a fairly new member.
    Does anyone know where I can get some Autumn
    Crocus bulbs.i need them for breeding purposes
    To double the chromosomes in marijuana.

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    • My blueberry kush have all sprouted
      And looking good thanks Zenpype
      Good seeds

    • Be shore to post some pics of your ladies… wich method did you use?

  • @admin What this very berry .you don’t
    Have it listed

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    • which one exactly do you have in mind?

    • It wasin a cello packet
      In my order.w/bb kush.
      All it say is very,2 of them

    • that’s what you mean… you got 2 free seeds i belive you ordered 2 strains? simply try them Suppose to be good… we add the strains, every day as time allows its possible its still not listed….

    • No I didn’t.
      But thank you for the free seeds
      And the shipping is excellent and
      On do realize I have to run this bb kush and if your genetics prove true,then you will
      Be my only source from now on
      Keep it up the world needs all the
      Zenpype I can get

    • Did you consider doing a grow diary? If you have any questions regarding the seeds simply ask @seeds master

  • Wiil rodgers posted an update in the group Group logo of Weed growersWeed growers 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    To each their own,that being said
    My recipe for home fish emulsion
    1- 5 gallon bucket
    15 lbs of fresh fish,chopped in pieces
    With all guts skin added to bucket
    1 gallon fresh cow manure
    1 pint chicken livers
    Fill bucket with all ingredients
    Then pour enough water to fill bucket 3/4
    Attach lid with ahole in the top
    Stick hose in one inch
    And…[Read more]

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    • You know what i use? I usualy buy flower dirt… no additional fertilizers… but i have a quite big koi fish pond with a lot of big kois… i use pond water for watering… you would be surprised how they gow…

  • I love this stuff
    I call her juicy Lucy

    I love this stuff I call her juicy Lucy 12308763_1540457679577988_6956101415600661848_n
  • I placed an order does anyone know how long to deliver

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