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  • @zenpype After my last post I decided to try germinating 1 of each of the 5 strains I mentioned in my last post.
    As suggested in communications with staff I gently scored the seed shell. These I have placed in moist paper towels room temp 78-81 degrees Fahrenheit. Date is 3/24/2018.
    For those just tuning in this is my first attempt with any…[Read more]

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  • @zenpype Well since I’ve gotten such a good response from the complaint department and they’ve started to follow me I will begin a growth log.

    My seeds:
    AK 48
    White Lsd
    Blue beri kush
    Orange Pineapple
    Sour D

    All are autoflower except the Sour D.

    Germination started 3/18/2018
    Each strain started in:
    Rockwool cubes
    Moist soil
    Paper towel…[Read more]

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