Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain

THC 14%
CBD 0.1%

The Monster Cookies strain may creep up on you, but you won’t mind finding this creature under the bed. This marijuana strain produces a slow wave of euphoria. Like sinking toe-first into a soothing psychedelic bath, this herb has a way of comforting the mind and body. This strain is a nighttime creation. This flower has a way of lulling its patrons into a state of dreamy euphoria. Too much of this flower, however, may send your mind off to space. Recommended for experienced marijuana consumers, this strain can cause paranoia in high doses. Most can expect this herb to feature between 18 and 22 percent THC, making it quite potent. Those with a low tolerance for the psychoactive may find that this strain is a little too sedative, perhaps inciting a slight melting sensation. This cannabis strain has also inherited a delightful grape-like aroma. Touches of pleasant diesel and spicy vanilla give this flower a mouthwatering flavor and fragrance.

While its name might sound like a child’s treat, this strain is a serious source of relief for medical marijuana patients suffering from a number of ailments. Thanks to its lower than average THC content, this medical marijuana strain can be enjoyed by newcomers to cannabis, as well as those sensitive to higher levels of THC. The strong physical effects of Monster Cookies make it a worthwhile choice for medical cannabis patients managing chronic pain, muscle cramps, and overall stiffness. The Monster Cookies strain is beloved by those with gastrointestinal problems, including nausea and vomiting. Those with cancer-related or chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting may want to consider this strain. Those with sleep disorders like insomnia will likely appreciate the slow and sedative experience this strain provides. The Monster Cookies cannabis strain has euphoric qualities that may be beneficial for those with mental health ailments like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.


Pain Relief


Tree Fruit

Average Yield

Indoor: 340-450 g/m2 Outdoor: 450 g/plant

Grow Difficulty



Carene – Sweet, Pungent
Limonene – Lemon

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