Moon Gardening – Grow Cannabis According To The Moon

The entire idea of planting, pruning, and harvesting according to the phases of the moon is a traditional approach to farming and gardening. As such, it’s hard to determine precisely how accurate all this really is. But many cannabis growers swear by it. That alone might be reason enough to give it a shot. And if nothing else, moon gardening is yet another tool to add to your cannabis cultivation toolbox.

According to an age-old farming tradition, the phase of the moon has a huge impact on how well a plant will grow. Without getting too bogged down in the nitty-gritty of astrological signs, here’s the general idea behind gardening according to the moon. The whole idea hinges on the idea that the moon’s gravitational pull affects water in the ground. This is very similar to the way the moon affects the ocean’s changing tides.

According to the tradition, the moon’s pull on groundwater has a direct impact on how well different plants grow. The time between a brand new moon and the full moon is called the waxing phase. The moon gets bigger and bigger every night during this phase. As the moon gets increasingly large, it pulls water up toward the surface of the Earth. This is the time to plant things that produce fruit or leaves above ground.This would include things like tomatoes, leafy greens, grains, squash, beans, and most important of all, cannabis. Once the full moon hits, it starts getting smaller and smaller every night until it’s a fully dark, new moon. This is the waning phase. As the moon wanes, water starts falling away from the surface of the Earth. This makes it perfect for planting root crops like beets, carrots, potatoes, and onions.


The actual cycle that the moon goes through these phases happens in four major stages:

• New moon to first quarter

• First quarter to full moon

• Full moon to second quarter

• Second quarter to new moon

This entire cycle will complete around once a month.

If the tradition is true, the waning phases would not be the ideal time to plant cannabis.

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This is the most general pattern for using the moon’s cycle as a guide for planting cannabis and other crops. You can also check out this gardening expert explain the general approach to planting according to the phases of the moon:

But this isn’t the whole story. You can also go a little deeper and start piecing together a full calendar for planting and harvesting your cannabis according to more specific phases of the moon.

If you want to go hardcore, here’s a sample calendar for growing cannabis according to the phases of the moon:

When the moon is in a waxing crescent (it’s a crescent shape and is working toward a full moon), it’s time to germinate your cannabis seeds.

Waxing gibbous (the moon is bigger than a quarter moon and almost to a full moon) is when your plants will start pulling up tons of nutrients from the soil. Ideally, you’d want your cannabis plants to have some strong roots in place when this phase begins.

A few nights after a full moon, it will once again be bigger than a quarter moon. It will look a lot like a waxing gibbous moon, but because the moon is now working toward a new moon instead of a full moon, this one’s a waning gibbous. This phase is ideal for flowering and ripening. This is the perfect time for your cannabis plants to start moving into the budding stage.

When the moon is new, it’s a period of resting and renewal. This is the best time to prune your plants, weed your garden, and get your plants ready for their next stage of growth. During a dark moon, everything’s getting taking a break and getting ready to move back into active growth.

Our beloved plants go through cycles of rest and production, and if you align your technique with these cycles and their corresponding phases of the moon, you will reap the rewards for your effort. And isn’t that what it is all about? So, get your moon calendar ready and try it out!

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