Most Expensive Cannabis Products

If you’re in the mood to spend, there are plenty of expensive weed products out there for you. The luxury weed market is growing fast with everything from specialty bongs to gold-plated grinders. Here are some of the all-time most expensive weed products ever.

10. Top Shelf THC ($800 per ounce)

If you’re serious about only smoking the best, check out Top Shelf THC. They create strains like Isla O.G. (2 Chainz is a fan) and are known for making some of the most expensive cannabis on the market. Their strain, The Oracle, for instance, is a whopping $200 per seed. Why is it so pricey? The THC content in The Oracle is around 45 percent, which is at least two to three times higher than most strains of cannabis.

9. The AuBox ($1,000+ a year)

Luxury lovers can indulge in these subscription boxes from AuBox.Choose from a monthly beauty box, intimates box, max box, pet box (yes, you can now let Fido enjoy some edibles along with you), and a “day and night” box that’ll help you sleep. If you’re not ready to splurge on an expensive yearly subscription, you can still purchase a special box for $150 a piece. It features unique THC-infused goodies like gummies, elixirs, hot chocolate, pre-rolls, and even chew toys for your dog.

8. Octahedron Table Lighter and Ashtray Set ($1,250)

A prismatic sculpture for your home and a useful item all in one? This gorgeous ashtray and lighter set comes in a fun geometric pattern and pretty aqua-lavender colors. Best of all, they change colors depending on the type of light in a room and the viewer’s vantage point.

7. Phoenician Gold Plated Grinders ($1,500)

Phoenician gold grinders made for a king (or queen)! Part of the company’s ELITE SERIES, these four-piece grinders feature paper holders, a lock system, and a built-in ashtray. But the thing that makes these rank so high on our list of most expensive weed products is that they’re coated in 24 karat gold.

6. Pyrology Glass x Snic Copper Dabbing Rig ($1,900)

Steampunk fans, rejoice! If you can cough up $1,900, you can buy this stylish copper rig. This expensive piece was created when the folks at Pyrology Glass teamed up with Snic Barnes. Together, they managed to bring a steampunk’s ultimate cannabis daydream to life.

5. The World’s First Smokable Hash Record ($7,000)

Music and cannabis will definitely never get old either. So why not combine them? This unique hash record — featuring Slightly Stoopid’s “Dabbington” — was made using bubble hash and designed in a Los Angeles lab. It cost $6,000 to create, and an extra $1,000 to stamp and master. Believe it or not, this expensive record/art piece/hash creation sounds almost as good as the real deal. You heard that right: it actually plays music!

4. Smokable Watermelon ($10,000)

Tony Greenhand, a professional joint-roller from Albany, Oregon, gets paid around $7,000 to roll spectacular joints. In 2016, the “trail-blazer” created a life-size watermelon with 4.2 pounds of weed inside. In total, this massive joint came in at $10,000.

3. The Pirate Ship Bubbler ($30,000)

Massive, detailed, and insanely elegant, this pirate ship that doubles as a bubbler prices in at $30,000. This piece was created by Buck Glass, LaceFace Glass, and Joe O’Connell. An extraordinary amount of time and effort, as well as imagination, went into its creation. If Captain Jack Sparrow smoked weed in addition to drinking rum, we have a feeling he would be first in line to buy this amazing piece.

2. The Miley Cyrus Bong ($70,000)

Miley Cyrus’s first big-time controversy happened in 2010 when footage of her hitting a bong surfaced. It created quite a scandal at the time, even though Miley was 18 and smoking a legal hallucinogen called Salvia. Cyrus has since moved herself to the forefront of cannabis pop culture. Earlier this year she made headlines when she threw a huge weed-themed birthday party. But that first scandalous bong rip arguably launched her life as a cannabis celebrity. In 2011, the bong she used in that controversial footage went to auction. It ended up selling for a whopping $70,000. Not surprisingly, the Miley Cyrus bong has become one of the most expensive bongs in history.

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1. Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong ($100,000)

If you happen to have $100,000 lying around, or you’d rather not pay off your student loans, you may want to check this one out. Covered in gold-encrusted cannabis leaves, this bong is another Scott Deppe creation, and it’s currently for sale.

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