New Cannabis Strain “Trudope” Created in Honour of Justin Trudeau Legalizing Weed in Canada

Everybody knows how dope Justin Trudeau is. So it only makes sense that there is a strain named after him to match his appeal. At a meeting held in Winnipeg this month, Trudeau found out about a new strain of weed created in his honor, Justin Trudope. There was laughter and excitement from the crowd after this was announced by an audience member at the meeting.

Justin Trudope, released by licensed producer Delta 9, is an Indica-hybrid strain with 19.7 percent THC. It sells for $9.50 CAD per gram.

The fun new weed name was not the only reason people were jubilant. The prime minister continued to be been a galvanizing force to officially legalize cannabis in Canada. Trudeau was elected in 2015 with the legalization of marijuana at the forefront of his campaign and last year he announced additional plans to legalize marijuana by this summer.

His answer to local pot advocate Steven Stairs was what legalization supporters needed to hear. Stairs asked, “Would you give pardons for people convicted of trafficking cannabis?” Stairs also wondered what the fate of small-time drug dealers would be.

He said, “We are moving forth with the legalization of marijuana from a public safety and public health perspective, not from a profit-making perspective. The system we have right now is broken.”

This announcement is a stark contrast from Toronto Mayor John Tory who put “Project Lincoln” into effect. Project Lincoln was a vow from the Mayor to crack down on the illegal sale of cannabis that has been going on discreetly within dispensaries.

Trudeau explained, “Yes. I have said we will look after the law has changed at pardons for people who have been convicted of possession. But we are not at this time thinking about pardons for people who have been convicted of trafficking or pushing or dealing.”

Which ideally translates to locking up the Pablo Escobar’s of the world.

But until we know for sure what this new legislation will look like, we can all rejoice by finding the most potent strain of Trudope and blaze on in his honor to celebrate the change within cannabis laws that is around the corner.

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