No No’s or What You Need To Avoid During A Smoke Sesh

Smoking some dank weed is great, especially with your friends. However, there are a few no-nos when it comes to a smoke sesh. In general, people consume cannabis for relief and good vibes. Therefore, it’s important that you keep the experience as enjoyable as possible. Otherwise, your next smoke session may just be your last. 

1. Bogarting the weed

There’s nothing wrong with carrying on a conversation while smoking with friends. However, talking too much is a big no-no during a smoke sesh, especially when you’re the one with the weed.

Therefore, be a polite cannabis enthusiast and follow the rules of puff, puff, pass. Not only will it help avoid the evil looks from your buddies, but it’s also just the right thing to do. Plus, high conversations are the best, so save all that chatter for the end of the session.

2. Staring

No one likes the guy that will not stop staring at them. For this reason, it’s best you focus your high eyes on multiple objects and not a single person.

Everyone knows that when you get high, you’re likely to stare at something a little too long, especially if it’s appealing. Still, watching one of your friends for too long may send the wrong message, or just creep them out.

3. Lip gloss

Unless the group you are smoking with is perfectly fine with a glossy mess all over the joint/blunt, it’s best to skip the lip gloss. Instead, try something a little less sticky like chapstick. After all, nothing is nastier than getting your smoking device all wet.

Not to mention, if you’re smoking a blunt or joint, the hole can close up, and no one wants to have to fix it constantly. Glossy eyes are okay, but a glossy mouth is a big no-no.

4. Repeatedly asking “are you high?”

There is nothing more annoying than having someone ask you if you’re high over and over again. In fact, asking too many questions is irritating in general.

Of course, the goal of a smoke session is to get high. If you aren’t high, you keep on smoking. Therefore, the answer should be yes; they are high.

5. Not ashing before you pass

Want to know what sucks the most about smoke sessions? Spilling ashes all over yourself. It’s one thing to for someone to do it accidently, but when it happens as a result of someone else’s laziness, now that’s just plain rude.

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However, this can be avoided by ashing before your pass the ganja. Not only will it prevent dirtying up you and your group’s clothes, but it will also keep you from smoking alone for the rest of your life.

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