Northern Nights Is The First Music Festival That Will Allow To Legally Buy and Smoke Recreational Cannabis

This year, Northern Nights Music Fest at Cooks Valley Campground in California will make history as the first three-day festival, the first camping festival, and first California sanctioned event outside of the state fairgrounds to allow recreational cannabis dispensing and consumption on-site.

From July 19th through the 21st, the world’s most cannabis-friendly music festival is taking place in Northern California’s legendary Humboldt and Mendocino region. Located in the Emerald Triangle, Northern Nights Music Festival is revolutionizing the fan experience by providing the world’s first 100% legal on-site cannabis dispensary.

Northern Nights recently announced their final lineup and the various cannabis sponsors for the 3-day event. The festival’s final lineup includes Zhu, Fuego, Berner, Minnesota, Vnssa, and more than 40 other acts that come highly recommended. This final lineup now features performers from more than 12 different cities, seven countries, and is the perfect event for people to discover new music.

Northern Nights has a diverse set of immersive stages including the River Stage near the Eel River, the Grove Stage tucked away in the redwoods, the all-night Silent Disco provided by Hush, a natural amphitheater known as the Bunker Stage, and of course, the festival centerpiece Northern Nights Main Stage.

The Emerald Triangle has long been known as California’s heartland of weed production, but as of this weekend it will also be known as the home of America’s first legal-weed music festival. The Northern Nights Music Festival, held from July 19-21 at the historic Cook’s Valley Campground, is the first multi-day music event that will allow adults over 21 to buy and use weed recreationally.

“We are going to have a cannabis retail and consumption area that goes by the name of the Tree Lounge,” said Peter Huson, Northern Nights’ co-founder and compliance manager to Billboard. “It is [a] 21 and over area and cannabis sales and consumption are restricted to that area. Essentially, it is an onsite temporary dispensary. It has all the same rules you would have at a dispensary, it’s just inside a festival.”

Over 20 local weed growers and brands will be setting up shop in the Tree Lounge, which will also have its own curated stage featuring live music and DJs. “We are going to highlight the history and the culture and the small [cannabis] farmers of Humboldt and Mendocino counties,” Northern Nights co-founder Andrew Blap told Billboard. “You can come meet the farmers and see the people who have been growing weed for you for years. You never really put a face to the name, but now with legalization you can.”

Spanning all three days at the festival, the programming includes a variety of cannabis themed wellness classes, workshops and mindful gatherings open to attendees 21 and over. This wellness activation will explore movement, mindfulness, healing, and community, in combination with the restorative powers of cannabis and CBD. Dubbed “Re-Creation,” attendees can expect infused yoga and movement classes from top wellness practitioners, workshops on medicinal plants and how to use cannabis for self care, breathwork and cacao ceremonies, and even a workshop with a relationship coach on how to use cannabis to foster connection.

The Northern Nights festival has been able to openly embrace legal weed thanks to AB2020, a state bill that grants local jurisdictions the right to permit temporary events to legally sell weed to adults. Before this law went into effect earlier this year, cannabis events could only be held at state fairgrounds.

The festival organizers were also able to find a creative solution to another law that prevents alcohol and cannabis from being consumed at the same event. The Northern Nights festival grounds encompass two counties, which allowed the organizers to permit weed consumption in Humboldt County and drinking in Mendocino County.

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