Parents Who Smoke Pot: High-Level Parenting

It’s undeniable that attitudes toward cannabis are changing, particularly among overworked parents in search of a way to unwind. The psychoactive plant that once shared a narcotic classification with drugs like cocaine, heroine and meth is finally getting recognized for its therapeutic effects. The stereotype of a dysfunctional, delinquent potsmoker is wearing off, and parents who like to get high are showing that they can still raise kids. In fact, it’s been shown to help people cope with parenting and become more patient overall. Of course, raising kids as a weed smoker is still a minefield of decision-making. These are some of the dilemmas and delights that pot smoking parents experience.

Some parents keep their weed use and parenting totally separate because of the effects it has on them. Other parents find that weed makes them calm, collected and super-focused. Some parents find that being high around their kids allows them to let the small things slide, and only punish the important things. Many find that they can still be tough parents while high. If you’re a pot smoking parent, consistency is key, and the more you smoke, the less wrecked you’re going to be when you do. While other parents shame your habit as irresponsible, you chuckle, because smoking every day builds your tolerance for a more functional high.

I usually smoke after they’ve gone to bed. Weed is my private time in the last few hours of a day. I wouldn’t smoke in front of [my kids] at this point. I’m not sure it would instill confidence and consistency in them and that’s my job being a parent. – Buddy, 47, Los Angeles, California, US

I go out into the garage when everyone else is drinking beers or wine or cocktails. One must always keep in mind there is a time and place for things. That is the real issue. If it is not a time to drink, it is not a time to smoke. That keeps things pretty even. – Rob, 59, Gig Harbor, Washington, US

Yes I smoke weed. Yes I have two awesome sons that are 8 and 4. I smoke around them occasionally most of the time I go outside or in another room. I feel that smoking pot makes me a better person in general not just a better parent. – Anonymous

He never sees us or our friends smoking. We have a signal for when one of us would like to smoke, so the other can make sure he’s taken care of or put to bed before joining in. – Elizabeth, NYC

I didn’t smoke weed around my kids when they were younger, not because I was ashamed of my drug use, but because it is illegal and I didn’t want to encourage them to break the law. Now that they are grown up, and have discovered weed on their own, I smoke with them. – Steve, 40, Aberdeen, Scotland

I’ve seen kids smoking with their parents and I’ve even joined in. I felt uncomfortable at first, but it is definitely a bonding experience. I would not smoke with my child until he/she was 18. I think smoking as a parent makes me take my child’s perspective into view, which is often absent from most parental decisions. As anything else, it is best used in moderation and would probably be best used as a tool for thinking/decision making or relaxation after hours. – Jonathan, Boston, MA

Being high around my kids is wonderful. I have two kids, one is four-years-old, and another who is 9 months old. I can be a “tough” parent with the eldest If he doesn’t listen to me. I get frustrated with him over small things. But when I’m stoned, I tend to let small things slide, and punish the important stuff, a more tactical parent. Not only that, but I can “get on their level” more, appreciate their wonder at interesting things, and play with them for hours. It allows me to shrug off the workday stress and transform back into “fun, silly, daddy” rather than the snappy daddy who just needs to be left alone for a while after work.– Dan, Lemington, UK

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I don’t see anyone worried about drinking alcohol around their kids and it’s a much more dangerous and harmful drug. It has always been my opinion that [marijuana] has made me a better parent. It helps me shed all my frustrations and worries about what I have to do all day to earn a living and my worries about the state of the country we live in, helps me be myself around my kids, helps me relate to them on their level. My son is grown now and smoking a little pot together is and always will be a part of our relationship. – Frank, 58, Asheville, North Carolina

Smoking pot doesn’t make you a lesser parent. Choosing to be a lesser parent makes you that way. – Jessica, 25, Spokane, Washington, US

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