Parrot arrested after warning drug dealers about police raid

Law enforcement in Brazil believe a parrot belonging to alleged drug dealers was trained to alert them about police, according to Independent.

The green-feathered watchdog began screeching loudly the moment officers showed up at his home in the eastern city of Teresina, the UK independent reported.

“He must have been trained for that,” a police officer involved in the operation told the paper. “As soon as police got close, he began shouting.”

The loyal loudmouth, whose name was not reported, was seized by cops and placed in a chicken wire cage at a local police station.

Despite not making a sound after the raid, the parrot sadly didn’t spare its owners: Officials arrested a teenage girl and an unnamed man and seized small bags of crack from their home, The Washington Post reported.

While the parrot was in custody, it reportedly wasn’t engaging with officials.

The bird hasn’t said anything since being taken by police, prompting one Brazilian journalist to say the bird must have invoked its right to remain silent.

Veterinarian Alexandre Clark said:

Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing.
After being kept in a cage at the police station, the parrot was transferred to a zoo, where zookeepers will take care of it and teach it how to fly.

The bird’s owner has a history of drug arrests.

She and her husband were both arrested for having crack cocaine in the home raided by police.

Their 16-year-old daughter was found with cannabis in her underwear, police say.

She was released with a warning.

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