Permafrost Weed Strain

THC 18%

CBD 0.1%

Permafrost is a balanced hybrid with moderate amounts of THC. Though not the most potent strain available, Permafrost creates a full and powerful mind and body experience. Permafrost is a sativa-dominant hybrid from the White family. A cross between White Widow and Trainwreck, Permafrost has inherited plenty of power. Perhaps a slightly calmed version of White Widow, Permafrost will produce ample cerebral effects with a distinct body buzz.

Expect enhanced sensory abilities with this one. It’s not uncommon for consumers to express that colors seem a little brighter, and more interested in the present moment while under the influence of this creative flower. All in all, Permafrost provides an upbeat and creative high with ample physical relaxation.

While both of Permafrost’s parents can contain soaring THC, this strain is fairly moderate in terms of potency. On average, Permafrost buds yield around 15 to 18% of the psychoactive. The mid-strength high is accompanied by lemon-like aroma with plenty of woody earthiness.

Many patients with ADD/ADHD, depression, and chronic fatigue appreciate the focused effects of this strain. Other medical consumers pick up this flower for relief from muscle spasms and inflammatory conditions like Arthritis. The body high this strain offers moderate amounts of pain relief.

Enjoy Permafrost in the afternoon.


  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifting


  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Pungent

Average Yield

  • High: 450 g/m2 indoors

Outdoor Harvest Date

  • Late October

Average Height

Medium: 5 feet

Grow Difficulty

  • Easy


  • Caryophyllene – Pepper
  • Humulene – Hops
  • Myrcene – Musk, mango
  • Pinene – Pine

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