Pine Tar Kush Cannabis Strain

THC 18%
CBD 1.1%

Pine Tar Kush is a pure Indica that can trace its lineage directly to the legendary Kush strain in Pakistan. True to its roots, Pine Tar Kush offers aromas and flavors familiar to marijuana consumers, as well as a calm buzz that’s social and conversation provoking. Watch out for this one in larger doses, however, as its THC content of around 22% makes it one for experienced cannabis users in larger quantities. Pine Tar Kush is as beloved for its effects as it is its prestigious heritage. Marijuana fans looking for a relaxing but not overpowering buzz will be thrilled with this strain. Happy and euphoric slightly after onset, the high builds before giving way to a blissful body high. These super sticky buds give off some pine, citrus and skunky, almost sweet odors. This strain offers deep, earthy, pine flavors typical of the Kush family.

The sedative effects this Indica strain make it a great choice for medical marijuana patients looking relief from insomnia and stress, as well pain from muscle cramps, spasms, inflammation or even some gastrointestinal disorders. This strain’s blissful, clear-minded high can be a nice option for treating more mild cases of depression. Marijuana consumers dealing with a lack of appetite will love Pine Tar Kush — it’s sure to stoke their appetite every time.





Grow Difficulty



Carene – Sweet, Pungent
Myrcene – Musk, mango

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