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Platinum OG Cannabis Strain

THC 21%

Platinum OG is a heavy-hitting Indica-dominant strain that’s as precious to its fans as the metal it’s named after. As with any descendant of OG Kush, it’s got a warm, drifting body high that creates profound relaxation. However, it’s got a bit of Sativa shimmer too, which makes this a pleasing, all-encompassing high, with a piney, earthy scent. This is a lush Indica-dominant weed, whose parents are OG Kush, Master Kush, and a mystery plant. It’s hugely powerful stuff, weighing in at 20-24% THC, and it’s oriented around a truly melty, heavy body high, although it has some mental effects as well. However, given its potency, it requires caution, otherwise a pleasant couch lock could turn into a feeling of being dizzy and overwhelmed

This precious medical marijuana strain is just what some patients are looking for to soothe their ailments. This herb can be extremely relieving and mood-lifting, and may be of use to patients who deal with heavy stress or mild forms of depression. Analgesic properties could have the potential to treat chronic pains and aches. Sedative effects are capable of inducing a deep sleep in insomnia patients.


Pain Relief



Average Yield

Indoor: 200 g/m2 Outdoor: 340 g/plant

Grow Difficulty



Carene – Sweet, Pungent
Eucalyptol – Spice
Pinene – Pine

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