Play it Safe and Make Your Own THC or CBD Vape Juice

Do NOT under ANY circumstances use street purchased vape cartridges or any cartridge where you are not 100% sure of  the cartridge being CERTIFIED for content integrity and purity, and v/v ratio/percentages of additives to that of the primary ingredient. Using a street purchased cartridge can lead to immediate and permanent lung damage, or even death!

Due to a recent dramatic rise in serious lung disorders from the use of some vape cartridges, the CDC has issues a request that all vape users refrain from vaping until the CDC has determined what is causing the medical crisis from their investigations. This warning is the  blanket warning from the CDC and FDA and initial indications are that the health crisis stems from illicit carts purchased on the street or from uncertified sources….. in  such circumstances the user has no way of really knowing what they are vaping and they are taking the risk of their health into their own hands. This has lead to some very serious recent health problems in young vape users.

If you still want to keep vaping…..

How to make your own THC liquid? This is a common question that lot of people is asking lately in the mids of an epidemic, dangerous and deadly lung illnesses among vapers.

Today we will show you how to make THC and CBD Vape juice. Vaping has become an incredibly popular “consumption method” over the past years, but it can be expensive or hard to get your hands on some good quality Vape juice.AD

The vaping community is as much about individuality and personalization, as it is about great taste and choices. Whether you are new to vaping, or have been vaping for a while, you’ll eventually think to yourself. How could i make THC or CBD Vape juice myself?

In this article we are going to show you how to make THC and CBD Vape juice from cannabis buds, as it is more available for people than using wax or shatter.

CBD or THC Vape juice

If you are looking to make CBD Vape juice, start with a strain that is high in CBD and low in THC. Strains like ACDC, Harlequin and Canatonic for example. CBD vape juice is great for those who do not want to feel the high effect from THC, or want to keep some CBD on hand to take some of the edge of a THC edible that was too strong. If you want to make THC Vape juice, simply use a strain high in THC.

3 Simple Cannabis Vape Juice Recipes

Long-term THC extraction

This method a pretty easy method but isn’t very popular because it takes a long time. It is difficult to mess up and only requires you to grind your cannabis buds, decarboxylate them, then mix it with your PG/VG and leave it to sit for three months, mixing every now and again.

Here’s what you need!

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Cannabis flowers – As a rule of thumb you can mix approx 1/4 (7grams) of an ounce with approx 80ml of liquid (adjust as required for different strengths).

  • Food grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) Mix
  • Baking tray or Pyrex oven safe bowl
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Oven
  • Freezer
  • Glass Jar with an airtight lid
  • Rice press
  • Cheesecloth
  • Stirring spoon
  • Syringe
  • Bottle

The steps

  • Set your oven to 250℉ (121℃).
  • Next thing we need to do is grind up your cannabis buds, try to make the grind quite coarse but as even as possible.
  • Following that, you will get your baking tray and spread the ground up cannabis evenly across it, then cover with foil.
  • Once the oven has heated, place the baking tray inside.
  • Next, get your PG/VG, if you bought it separately you will need to mix it. You can mix this to whatever percentage you like really. But, I’d recommend a minimum of 50% VG. However, just remember PG brings out more of the flavor which is why I tend to buy a mix of 60/40 in favor of VG.

40% is near the maximum PG levels I’d ever use because it can be quite harsh for some people.

  • After 40 minutes remove the cannabis from the oven and allow it to cool. (this decarboxylation step is crucial for converting THCa to THC)
  • Once the buds have cooled place them into your jar, then add your PG/VG mix until the buds are saturated.

Make sure there is enough to completely cover all the cannabis.

  • Next, give your mix a stir, put the lid on tight and put the jar away in a cool dark cupboard for three months. I take mine out and stir it every two weeks. When doing so, I add some extra PG/VG mix if and when required.
  • After three months are up, remove the mixture from the cupboard and give it a little stir.
  • Place your rice press over another glass jar or jug and line it with a couple of layers of cheesecloth.
  • Pour your mixture into the rice press, cover with some more cheesecloth then squeeze until your heart is content. Your mix should run into the jar leaving a clean THC vape juice.
  • Syringe up into a bottle, add to your e-cig, and enjoy.

Short term extraction

This method is very similar to the first, with the addition of heat to speed the process up. In short, we will mix the cannabis with the PG/VG mix then add the jar to the pot with water and slowly extract the THC from the cannabis into the mixture using heat.

  • Follow method 1 up to step 7 then come back here.

Additional Equipment.

  • 2 pots (or a double boiler would make life easier)
  • Stovetop
  • A Thermometer(must be precise)
  • Water
  • double boiler setup for when i make thc vape juice
  1. Pour your water into the bigger pot or double boiler, approximately half an inch deep, then add some water to the second pot and place it inside.

Then add the pot to the stovetop and allow it to heat until you reach a constant temperature of 220℉(105℃). This is where your accurate thermometer comes in handy.

  1. Add your Cannabis mix in the jar to the water in the pot and allow it to heat up to 180℉(85℃). Once you reach this heat, you need to maintain it without going over.

This step is crucial as it allows the THC to fuse with the PG/VG mix without destroying quality.

  1. Once the temperature inside the jar has reached 180℉(85℃), you want to leave it on the stove for a minimum of 1-hour some recommend 2, 3 or even 4 for more potency. As long as you keep it in the safe at a decent temperature you are free to experiment with the time.

Remember to keep mixing frequently and adding more PG/VG if it looks to dry. Don’t add too much though as it will weaken your mixture.

  • Once you are happy, it is time to remove the mix from the pot and set it aside to cool a little.
  • With the mixture still warm enough that it still flows nicely, take your rice press and cheesecloth. Line the press with 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.
  • Hover it over a bowl or Jug. Pour your mixture into the press. and alow it to strain through.
  • Allow as much as possible to drain, then cover the top with more cloth and squeeze the rest of the mix out into the bowl.
  • The final step is to use the syringe to remove the liquid from the jar and add it to your e-liquid bottle. Now you can add it to your favorite e-cig and enjoy a vape.

If you want a stronger juice, use less PG/VG Mix. Maybe 80ml.

Rosin Extraction

This is by far our favorite way of making Cannabis E-liquid because it is the easiest way to control the strength of the liquid. You can do this starting from fresh buds or you can acquire some Rosin and start from step

The basics of this method are to press your raw cannabis buds in your Rosin Press or Hair Straightener to create Rosin wax which you then add to your EJ mix and heat ever so slightly to mix the two together.

Here’s what you need!

  • Cannabis Rosin or Flowers – Compact nugs work best.
  • Rosin Press or Digital Hair straighteners
  • Parchment paper
  • Small Pyrex glass
  • A Wax Liquidizer like the Non-GMO 100% Natural Organic Food Grade Medical Terpenes.
  • Stirrer Spoon (I use my dab tool for this one)

The steps

You can buy some wax, but if you want to make the wax yourself from weed, I have added the steps in. If you have bought wax, jump to step 6.

**If you have a rosin press follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, If not follow this.

  • The first thing you want to do is grab your cannabis flowers and pack them into neat compact bundles that would fit comfortably within your press or hair straighteners.
  • When you have your weed ready you want to get your Press or hair straighteners ready.

Ideally, you want to be pressing your nugs of weed between 250-280℉ (120 – 140℃). This can be hard to judge when it comes to hair straighteners so I would recommend setting the heat on them accordingly. Use a thermometer for backup just to make sure the temperature is in range.

  • Put your weed onto a piece of parchment paper then fold it over, then place them in the center of the hot plates then squeeze with all your might for about 5 seconds. When finished, remove the pressed nugs and sit the rosin and paper to the side to cool.
  • Repeat the previous steps until you have approximately 0.5g of Rosin.
  • Now we need to remove all the THC goodness from the parchment paper. The easiest way to do this is to stick them in the freezer for 1 minute. As a result, the rosin will harden quickly. Now take a small pick, like a dab tool and start to scrape it off the paper.

Once you have a small piece of the extract on the pick, use that to collect the rest of the rosin with ease. It’s magic.

  • Next, we want to take our little Pyrex or any decent glass vial and add in 1ml of the Medical Terpenes (or whatever mix you choose to use), then add 0.5grams of rosin.

If you want to make more, just remember, 1ml of the mix for every 0.5g of cannabis wax.

  • You now need to heat the mixture; You can do this a few ways. Some people heat the glass with a windproof lighter for a few seconds until it bubbles then mix it, but I wouldn’t recommend trying that.

I boil a kettle then add a small amount of boiling water to a bowl and set the vial with the mixture in it for a while until they can easily mix. leaving a smooth golden e-liquid.

Now your e-liquid is ready to use, Just transfer it into your bottle or vape cart using a syringe and you’re good to go.

Some important tips for the recipe

  • Always use 100% USP- food grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propelyn Glycol
  • Use a Syringe so you can measure the liquids properly.
  • Use a Shrimp net, fine sieve or pantyhose to press out all the liquid without waste. A cheesecloth or tea towel will absorb some of the juice, which will result in loss of product.
  • Use a strong mason jar and make sure you start with cold water so your mason jar does not shatter.
  • Store in a cool – dark place and use in any vape pen or e-cigarette you wish. Product will last up to 12 months

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