Police Accidentally Get Everyone High After Burning 3 Tons of Marijuana

Sometimes we don’t think things through, and that’s perfectly normal. But this incident, this is just too much. Someone needs to fire (and erase, delete, expel, everything rolled up into one) the person who came up with this dumb, yet hilarious idea.


Turns out Police in West Jakarta in Indonesia got people insanely high when they tried to burn three tons of marijuana! Not only were they burning cannabis, oh no, the fire included 2538 ecstasy pills and 2 pounds of crystal meth! Why? To destroy the illegal imports in a fire.

According to reports, the police officers anticipate that the fumes created by the burning drugs would be potent and powerful, and were prepared by wearing gas masks. But, it seems like they forgot to inform locals in the surrounding area, and a number of people complained saying they suffered from dizziness, headaches, and reportedly felt completely high.

The haul was valued at $1 million, according to Breitbart.com

Police wore masks to protect them from the fumes but watching civilians were left unprotected.

The smoke spread from the yard to surrounding residents’ houses.

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