Police is Using Drones to Track Marijuana Factories

Drones were created using taxpayer money given to military researchers and private corporations.

The funding wasn’t meant just to create fun toys.

It was meant to establish and outsource new mobile surveillance and attack technology used by military, police, other government agencies, and private industry to invade our privacy and wage wars, including the drug war.

Government agencies such as local police, DEA, National Security Agency, FBI and Homeland Security don’t deny they’re using small drones, and some even brag about it.

We’ve had several reports from marijuana growers, especially outdoor growers, about drones being used to bust them or rob them.

Two Roads Policing Unit teams have now been established, providing seven-day coverage, and there are also two drones in place – with a third on the way.


A report to the meeting said: “Deployments are taking place regularly and being utilised to located high risk missing persons.

“The unit is proactively acting on intelligence to identify locations used in cannabis cultivation. A recent flyover in Stoke South utilising thermal imaging resulted in locating two cannabis plantations.”

The team is also making use of pursuit resolution measures (TPAC), as well as off road bikes and new marked vehicle and dual-lane ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) capabilities to target criminals.

The report said: “A key part of the upskill to TPAC is the capability to prevent pursuits from occurring. This is already being utilised regularly through planned operations in the county, preventing high-risk pursuits that can result in a significant danger to the public and loss of evidence.

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“ANPR activation identified a stolen vehicle obtained as a result of a robbery on the A34. Pre-emptive tactics were utilised against the vehicle that resulted in four significant nominals being arrested, cutting equipment, master keys, lock pickers and LBD ports all recovered.

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