Police Mistake Pistachio Shells For Cannabis

A woman in Illinois is facing felony drug possession charges, but her lawyer seems pretty confident the case will be dropped. After all, the marijuana the police thought they saw in her car was just pistachios.

Spring Grove police stopped Nancy Pahlman for speeding on Jan. 5, according to a criminal complaint filed in McHenry County court. When an officer mistook the pile of de-shelled pistachios in her passenger seat for marijuana, the officer asked her to step out of the car, said her attorney, Philip Prossnitz.

Police did not find any actual marijuana in her car, but nonetheless busted her for possession of the pills. 59-year-old Nancy Pahlman has been charged with possession of a controlled substance after police officers found a bottle of tramodol in her coat pocket that had been prescribed to one of her relatives.

Even though Pahlman actually does have her own prescription for the painkiller, police arrested and charged her anyway for possessing a prescription that was not her own.

Philip Prossnitz says that because the initial drug investigation was over a healthy snack, dangerous only to those with nut allergies, that police had no right to enter Pahlman’s car in the first place. He plans to bring a bag of pistachios into court as evidence. “I think we are a motion to suppress and a bag of pistachio nuts away from resolving this matter,” said Prossnitz.

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