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Police Sexually Assault Man During Roadside Search After Claiming To Smell Weed

Police body camera footage showing officers conducting an invasive search for marijuana has surfaced in New Jersey. John Paff, an open government advocate, discovered the footage while filing public record requests across the state. Paff quickly published the footage, which went public on Tuesday. Did police sexually assault man during roadside search for marijuana?

“Yo, you can bring me down. You do what you got to do. You are not sticking those gloves up me,” Levine says as the officers approach with latex gloves. Levine reminds the officers that their bodycams are capturing their activity.

In the video, Drew keeps turning Levine around, unzipping his pants, and searching further. “Man, I think I’m traumatized,” Levine says. Drew then tells Levine to stop moving and begins using his hands to search Levine’s anus and genitals.

In New Jersey, people have 90 days after an incident to file a “tort notice,” which gives government agencies advance notice that they are about to be sued.

Levine, however, had to file to extend the 90 day deadline for the tort notice after State Police repeatedly delayed requests from Levine’s attorney for the dash and bodycam footage of the search.

Levine’s motion to extend the deadline is what ultimately brought the bodycam videos to the attention of John Paff. It was Paff who filed the records requests for the videos pertinent to Levine’s case.

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