Police Uncover Remains of “Huge” Marijuana Farm – in Former Police Station

Police in Manchester have uncovered the remains of a large marijuana farm – in one of their old police stations. The police station, which used to be the base for the Failsworth and Hollinwood Neighbourhood Policing Team, closed 6 years ago.

Credit: GMP

Policeman entered the building after noticing that the premises were no longer secure.

Credit: GMP

Inside, they found the remnants of a “huge” cannabis production. More than 1000 plants were being grown over the first floor and loft space.

Credit: GMP

It is believed the grow operation was “taxed” the early hours of 3 July – with all the marijuana plants being removed. Root balls, used soil and empty pots along with light sources were the only items left. The electricity meter had also been by passed.

Credit: GMP

Police say it appears that whoever was growing the cannabis was also living on site.

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