Positive Long-Term Effects of Smoking Cannabis

How many of you have the wake n’ bake morning routine? Who has smoking tools almost in every room of the house? And who needs to take a good toke before going to work and blaze after it? Do you? Oh, well, in that case, you’re a daily stoner, just like me. It’s just that I have only one pipe, and I smoke once or twice a day depending on whether I have to do tasks that require a lot of concentration and attention, or not. I also have a few stoner friends. Lately, their smoking habits and my own have lead me to think about some long-term effects of getting high on a daily basis. In this article, I’m going to focus on some of the most common positive effects of smoking marijuana regularly, although I’m also aware of the downsides.

Depression Relief

It has always been around, this gloomy, heavy feeling of nothingness and sadness, I mean, depression. You don’t want to do anything really, but – sleep, eat nothing, a little or a lot, stare at nothing, and aimlessly float around while feeling overwhelmed by a few tasks, frustrated with yourself, and miserable at the subject called „Life”. To some of my friends a morning toke is a matter of getting out of the bed and through the day, walking themselves to work, to meetings, pushing themselves to take a shower, clean up and water the plants.

Cannabis is often called a gateway drug to being a junky and doing hard drugs which is a false stereotype. I think that instead it should be looked at as the gateway to regaining carefree happiness, engaging back in your life, and an urge to do all kinds of exciting things or turning boring tasks into interesting ones. As a result of 2005 British survey, it was discovered that 22% of medical cannabis patients in the UK consume marijuana for depression. Although some researches carried on lab rats have proven THC to cause antidepressant-like effects, other scientific studies claim that THC can also have a depressant-like reaction. The higher the dosage of THC, the greater the risk of depression symptoms worsening.

The only differences between stoners and lab rats are physique, brain structure and consciousness – to understand the potential dangers of excessive marijuana use and to smoke reasonable amounts. Don’t let something funny take over your life because it might stop being funny. And then again even if you aren’t depressed but just a little bit down the herb is a great alternative to alcoholic beverages for raising your spirits in general.

Nicotine Addiction Treatment

Still, one of the unhealthiest aspects of smoking both tobbacco or marijuana, involves inhaling the burnt material because of the compounds released during the burning. They are carcinogenic and can lead to a build-up of tar in the airways and lungs. The compounds in tobacco are especially dangerous because they can cause different types of cancers. However, recently a British research linked smoking cannabis and consuming it in other forms with quitting cigarettes. It was found that cannabidiol (CBD) affects a memory process called ‘reconsolidation’, reducing the memories of desire to smoke. During the study, the participants cut the number of cigarettes they smoked by 40% on average. It’s worth mentioning that many of stoners I know have given up tobacco using marijuana daily.

Let’s not forget that  nicotine in tobacco is the main cause of addiction because it stimulates the release of dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone. Weed also triggers the release of dopamine, but without the negative side effects of smoking tobacco daily. Marijuana can definitely be more effective when dealing with the primary reasons most people smoke cigarettes – anxiety and stress.

Reduced Risk of Obesity

Who wouldn’t agree that many people nowadays can get overly obsessed with their weight and appearances? The pressure of mass media on the society concerning such trivial matters are undeniable.
A study published in American Journal of Epidemiology claims that daily cannabis users have a considerably decreased risk of obesity than people who don’t smoke at all. In fact, the researchers found out obesity rates being lower by approximately a third in participants who smoke at least three times a week in comparison with non-smokers. Another study described in American Journal of Medicine reveals that regular marijuana users are slimmer and have lower insulin levels. Surprisingly, they also have increased levels of high-density lipoprotein, a type of cholesterol, which can prevent heart disease. And all of this despite the fact that a stoner’s daily calory intake is around 600 Kcal more.

Cannabis definitely can be useful to those who have difficulties maintaining a healthy body weight. However, if you still struggle with being overweight while smoking marijuana daily, perhaps, it’s worth considering changing your eating habits and establishing a workout routine to burn those extra pounds.

Marijuana can have positive and negative effects on wellness in a long run just like any other things in our life. If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, it is important to remain a critical and responsible stoner, to evaluate the different situations and moods when you’re smoking marijuana. Overdoing weed won’t bring you any good because it is the fastest way to reaching the potency. Get high, but also keep a balance!

[Updated, originally published 28.10. 2017]

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