‘Pregnant’ Woman Busted Smuggling Cannabis In Fake Baby Bump

Argentinian police recently arrested a woman for allegedly trying to smuggle four kilograms of weed in a fake baby bump.

The woman was part of a group traveling from the western city of Mendoza, near the border with Chile, the Argentine National Gendarmerie said in a statement on Wednesday.

The group was heading east to the city of Caleta Olivia, around 1,800 kilometers away on the country’s east coast. Officials stopped the group on National Route No. 40.

Police were alerted when they found that the man traveling with the “pregnant” woman was in possession of a small bag of weed. When authorities caught up with the couple at a police check post in Valle de Uco close to the border, it was revealed that the “pregnant” woman was not really pregnant but rather carrying a synthetic bump.

Further ‘probing’ of the fake baby bump revealed 15 bricks of marijuana packed inside it. According to police, the duo were trying to make it from Mendoza to Santa Cruz in Chile with the stash.

The duo have been arrested.

While smuggling drugs is almost an art, it’s not as easy as it looks. And an Argentinian woman recently learnt that the hard way when she got caught trying to smuggle cannabis disguised as a baby bump.

The Minister for Security in Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, recently Tweeted images of the woman and her fake baby bump which was actually made up of nearly four kilograms of weed. She tagged the incident, “Narco Pregnancy”.

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