Pricey Cannabis Or The 6 Most Expensive Strains Today

Everyone knows that good cannabis doesn’t often come cheap. But, just how much are you willing to spend for some high-quality bud? As an agricultural good, prices of cannabis fluctuate all of the time. When a strain first becomes popular, you can bet that it will cost you a pretty penny up front. Yet, as time goes on and more growers jump onto the bandwagon, the price of one strain drops and another one soars. Here are seven of the most expensive cannabis strains around.


Loud Dream Weed Strain

Loud Dream is a hybrid strain that has sold on the black market for as much as $800 an ounce. This plant is a rare sativa backcross of the world-famous hybrid, Blue Dream. There is some debate over whether or not this strain produces predominantly indica or sativa effects. However, A zippy sativa, this strain comes on fast and strong. Taking a few puffs of this strain is like sipping on an espresso, Loud Dream is energetic, spunky, and makes for a great wake ‘n bake bud.

The THC levels in this strain are astronomical, often featuring between 26 and 28% of the psychoactive. While many of the world’s most potent strains have some heavy indica effects, this strain produces an impressive amount of resin for a high-energy sativa hybrid.

The Oracle Weed Strain

Unfortunately, this strain is a fake. The Oracle was once thought the be one of the rarest, most expensive strains in the world. Online advertising suggested that this bud could produce THC levels over 40%. As a result, rumor has it that clones from this strain started to sell for more than $1,000 and $200 per seed.

Yet, the race to grab ahold of Oracle was in vein. A California-based laboratory, The Werk Shop, analyzed the strain and found that it is genetically identical to a high CBD strain called ACDC. This strain is readily available to patients in California and has made it’s way to other US states as well. As a high-CBD strain, ACDC may be slightly more expensive than the standard psychoactive bud. However, this strain certainly is not worth over $1,000 per clone. In this case, it’s amazing how quickly misinformation created an artificial demand for a strain that never actually existed.

Isla OG Canned Cannabis Strain

Isla OG Canned Cannabis is a brand of Californian cannabis that sells for up to $800 an ounce. A single can of this stuff, which contains an eight of an ounce of dried flower, has gone for $100. What makes Isla OG Canned Cannabis so expensive? Well, that’s hard to say. After the buds are trimmed, they are immediately placed inside their can to cure. When you pop the top, this herb is fresh, crispy and cured just right. Is that worth $100 an eighth? Well, that’s for you to judge.

J1 Weed Strain

To take things down a notch, J1 is a popular top-shelf hybrid that will almost always cost you a pretty penny. Sure, prices for this strain vary by location and this strain will be significantly cheaper in some states than others. In Los Angeles, however, this strain can sell for over $350 per ounce, which certainly doesn’t make it the most cost-effective medicine in the world.

J1 is so pricey because it’s crystal coated and produces a delightfully upbeat sativa-dominant high. This strain is speedy, energetic, and joyful. This strain, however, isn’t overly stimulating. Rather, the J1 experience is focused and relaxed, making it an excellent daytime strain for experienced consumers. This strain is fairly potent, featuring around 22% THC on average. Novice cannabis consumers may find this strain a little too speedy or loud for their liking, so this one is recommended for veteran cannabis consumers.

 XJ-13 Weed Strain

An offspring of the legendary Jack Herer and G-13, XJ-13 is another potent hybrid that will cost you a pretty penny in the shop. This strain is thought to be higher than average in a cannabinoid called THCV. Early research suggests that THCV may be helpful for those with metabolic disorders, like diabetes.

Levels of THCV will vary from sample to sample. However, this strain is quickly developing a reputation as one of the rare cannabis flowers that does not give you the munchies. Though, individual samples will undoubtedly vary. Overall, XJ-13 is a stimulating bud that has been described as the Ferrari of the cannabis world. This strain can come on fast, but it is easygoing and relaxed in general.

XJ-13 makes for an excellent daytime strain, especially for those seeking some relief from chronic stress and moderate pain. This strain features a THC content of up to 22%, making it quite strong. This perky bud has sold for over $375 per ounce.

White Fire OG Weed Strain

One of the strongest hybrids available, White Fire OG is an impressive flower that produces up to 30% THC. The offspring of a cross between The White and Fire OG. Both strains are top-shelf quality on their own, often featured at steep prices. Their lovechild, White Fire OG is an estimated 60% sativa strain that can feature various phenotypes.

Though this strain is particularly high-yielding, it tends to go fast, especially on the rare occasion that someone finds this bud for a decent price. In California dispensaries, this bud has been listed as high as $640 per ounce. Though it’s possible to find this flower for a high $260 per ounce elsewhere, when this strain is grown right it can certainly get some top dollar.

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