6 x 3 = 18 Onyx Auto cannabis seeds


The auto onyx from Thailand is famous for its golf ball sized golden buds.

Our seeds are offered in 3 sizes per order – large, xxx large and huge – now 18 with every order!!


Auto Onyx was originally created in 2007 from a range of cannabis genetics that includes AK47, White Russian, Jack Herer and a top secret Ruderalis plant. It grows quite tall for an auto, up to 120 cm or even more in exceptional cases, and has an aroma that is reminiscent of hashish and passion fruit with added citrus notes.

Lovers of berry flavored bud are in for a real treat with Onyx Auto, her deep, rich and authentic aroma coupled with her lavish taste put her at the top of any cannabis connoisseur’s list.

Like most auto-flowering strains Auto Onyx does well indoors, outdoors and in green houses as well as thriving in a variety of grow media. In warm climates planting into prepared beds outdoors will give the best yields where the roots can dig deep.

THC: 18%
YIELD: 50 gr/plants
PLANT HEIGHT: 60 – 120 cm
FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks
TASTE / FLAVOUR: Citrus, Fruity


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