9 x 2 = 18 Chem-Dawg Cannabis Strain – Feminized Autoflower Seeds


Chemdawg is a Hybrid marijuana strain thought to be the parent of Sour Diesel. Chemdawg can help you relieve stress, depression, pain and lack of appetite.

Peoduct has 2 seed sizes for every order – large & XXX large.


Chemdawg is a legendary balanced hybrid. This strain is high-yielding and produces almost narcotic effects. It’s not uncommon for the THC content in this strain to reach above 20%. This potent hybrid is excellent for those in need of some hardcore pain relief. Yet, the heavy hitting cerebral and body highs are not recommended for beginners.  Legend has it that some bud was given to well-known cannabis breeder Chemdog, at a Grateful Dead concert. Luckily, that bud happened to contain some seeds. From these seeds sprouted what came to be the original strain. The exact genetics of this strain are unknown. However, this strain is thought to be a possible parent of the equally famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains.

Feminized in Europe by: AWO Jet Propulsion Lab – Currently we have just 93% sprouting rate average onsite.

Difficulty is about a medium to get these started but its well worth the effort.


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