Citrus Sap – 18 feminized cannabis seeds


Today its only available from bitcoin – when store is open with the new transfer insurer we can celebrate zenpype takin the bite back to ebay scammers


We waited more than a year to get these seed to its destination and then get seeds safely back.

I believe there is close to 1000 seeds in total as of posting. Seeds spent at least 11 days in gas plus another 15 days settling and 3 sessions of sorting.

JPL has no actual spot on radar as the usual suspects are in charge of final delivery into the mountains throughout the Himalayas, but we believe our associate when he says “this is the source or a source of Blonde Lebanese Hash”

Nice Hash producing variety with a lemony sprinkle around your soil occasionally with your giberelic acid and spearmint powder with the jasmin green tea leaves in the substrate powder is how these seeds come about their flavoring.



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