6 x 3 = 18 Himalaya Hashplant feminized cannabis seeds


For our tribute to the troops we proudly bring to you the Himalaya hashplant from Os at an unbelievable friendly fire price.

Available in 3 seed sizes. We give you 6 hits of each (18) in every order.


Brought to you by your friendly neiborhood JPL

From Os Himalaya camel train we get this awesome smelling hashplant

Today we have as much as 2600 seeds freshly harvested by the mule train of the Os Sherpas of the Himalayas.

Although these are generally grown outdoors, They also make a great tent grow or mass production indoors.

Potent stuff!!

Stay tuned for the scientist reports or perhaps sell your report back to the store





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Weight 4.95 kg


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