Pros & Cons Of The Wake And Bake

Ahhhh the good old wake and bake. A classic stoner ritual that often involves waking up with cannabis sesh. There is a divided school of thought on whether or not we should be partaking in the good old fashioned wake and bake. This conversation goes on among stoners and non-stoners alike.

Medical patients who need cannabis to treat their symptoms and get through the day will often medicate once they wake up, however, we’re not talking about these cases in this post. Instead, we’re talking about your everyday cannabis adult who is deciding to partake in some morning glory cannabis. Is it better to hold off longer, or is the wake and bake legit? We made up a pros and cons list to try and help you figure out whether or not a wake and bake is your jam.



Smoking cannabis bright and early can put a nice glossy finish over the morning hours. Whether it is mundane email checking, a huge pile of laundry, or simply enjoying the day off on the docket; being high can make the day simply more enjoyable. It can also be an ideal way to kick off a morning workout when we’re not necessarily ‘feeling it’ or if our muscles are still sore from yesterday. Another really fabulous side effect of the wake and bake is how it takes the edge off of our morning caffeine. CBD and other anti-anxiety cannabinoids can help to make our morning caffeine jolt take on an air of calm focus. Getting our w&b on can be a great way to approach the day relaxed and stress-free, but as there is with everything, there are cons to this ritual.


A lot of people aren’t well versed in being highly functional while under the influence of cannabis. These individuals probably shouldn’t participate in the w&b on work days. Along this same idea, some people report that waking up with cannabis can make them really lethargic later in the day. Both of these can be really bad for people who have cultivated an active, productive lifestyle. Another negative factor that goes alongside waking and baking is that it takes more and more cannabis to continue getting you high throughout the day. This isn’t only bad for our tolerance, it’s probably going to end up being bad for our budget as well since we’ll be smoking so much more.

It looks like the tally is pretty even, it is equally as good as it is bad to partake in a morning sesh. So, there you have it, do what works the best for YOU!

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