Qwad Dawg Cannabis Strain

THC 20%
CBD 0.1%

After a taste of Qwad Dawg, you’ll be wanting more. This strain can feature up to 27% THC and has a delicious, ripe fruit aroma. Pick up Qwad Dawg for chronic pain conditions and relief from mental health ailments.
Qwad Dwag is a notable sativa-dominant hybrid from Alphakronik Genes. A cross between Snowdawg 2 and Snowdawg 2, Qwad Dawg has been perfected over several generations. The goal was to create a more flavorful and vigorous rendition of an original Snowdawg mother. With Qwad Dawg, Alphakronik has certainly succeeded. The strain has a strong ripe fruit aroma with delightful hints of acidic diesel.

There are not many THC tests for Qwad Dawg available, but this strain has been known to produce up to 27% THC. With levels like these, Qwad Dawg is considered very potent and is recommended for experienced cannabis consumers. Considered a 60/40 sativa split, this strain provides mostly uplifting and euphoric mental effects.

However, don’t be surprised to find yourself couch-locked and introverted after high doses of this herb. Indica heritage in Qwad Dawg gives the strain a gentle and deeply relaxing body buzz. The sedative and thoughtful effects of this herb will likely present themselves in high doses.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up Qwad Dawg for pain conditions. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are two reasons why someone might turn to this powerful strain. Qwad Dawg’s breeders suggest that this strain may be useful for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Pain Relief


Tree Fruit

Average Yield

Medium/high (actual yield N/A)

Average Height


Grow Difficulty



Myrcene – Musk, mango
Pinene – Pine

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