Rank The Top 10 stoner movies

We’re never at a loss when it comes to finding pot-related entertainment. Movies, music, and TV shows have all embraced the herb on different levels. Our team recently put together our list of the “Top 8 Stoner Movies of All Time,” and now you get a chance to rank them, by simply pressing the star on the movie! Mobile user  simply tuch the pic and then the star to give your vote.

Let’s get interactive!

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  1. Blaze420

    Where is one of the best (my favorite stoner flick) “Grandma’s Boy” in the list? That should be there IMO over Clerks but Clerks and Clerks 2, Jay and silent Bob go to Hollywood and many other Kevin Smith vids are great! ? Also, TEDand even Ted2 should be included over Bill and Teds excellent adventure IMO.

    BUT, enough with semantics let’s all get high! ????+?=????

    I’d got for Jay and Silent Bob go to Hollywood over the original Clerks and Grandmas

  2. Staff Post author

    I agree with Ted and Jay and silent Bob go to Hollywood so I added them to list, lets see who wins. And its now top 10 Stoner movies …