Reasons Why Your Weedman Will Cut You Off

You have been buying marijuana from someone, and out of nowhere they quit answering your calls and or texts. You have probably experienced this as a Cannabis consumer but have no idea why it happened. They do not answer any of your phone calls, do not respond to your texts enquiring why the turn of events, and will not even bother to get back to you by mail.

Have you ever been cutoff? Are you still wondering what you did? What could be wrong? What are some of the factors that contribute to this scenario? Below are some reasons that cannabis dealers cut off customers.

Constant Pestering

What is an appropriate amount of communication to a marijuana dealer? Persistent disturbance ranks first in the reasons why a Cannabis dealer would cut off links with you. If you are the type of customer that keeps calling your dealer to inquire when your order will be delivered, you may be your own biggest enemy. If you call and/or text once a day, you are fine. But if you are sending multiple texts or making multiple calls in the same hour, you are not helping your cause.

Showing Up Unannounced

No one wants people showing up to their place unannounced, and in the marijuana world it can be the deathblow to any business relationship. The ‘I was just in the neighborhood’ excuse only works with family, not customers. Controlling foot traffic is vital to any veteran marijuana dealer I’ve ever known, and if you throw that off by showing up unannounced, you might as well delete that dealer’s number from your phone.

Bringing Other People Without Notice

Tagging along with a crowd when you are going to purchase your cannabis stash is also a sure way of getting your dealer to cut links with you. If you are going to a dispensary, then by all means bring a buddy. Chances are the dispensary will be glad for the referral. But on the black market, where people are trying to duck narcs at all costs, bringing a buddy unannounced to pick up your sack is a no-no. The relationship between you and your dealer is built almost entirely on trust, and that goes away when you bring a new face around. The proper way is to let the dealer know ahead of time that your best friend or cousin is coming with you, and if the dealer is OK with it proceed.

Telling People Who You Get Weed From

Idiot, rookie marijuana dealers are OK with you shouting from the rooftops who you get your weed from. They want everyone to know ‘who has the danks’ and aren’t thinking about maintaining a low profile. But any marijuana dealer that is worth their weight in nugs knows that loose lips sink ships, and no one should ever say who they get their marijuana from. Back in the day I cut off people more for this reason than any other reason. If someone came to me and said, ‘oh, so you are who he gets his weed from,’ that virtually guaranteed that ‘he’ would never get his weed from me ever again.

Trying To Lowball The Price

Constantly bargaining to get a good deal is yet another factor that puts Cannabis dealers off. Each one of us wants to get a good deal, but when this is pushed too far, it has the resultant effect of a cannabis dealer opting to cut off links with you. Don’t get this confused with people trying to get a price on bulk, and there is room for negotiation.

Asking For Other Drugs

Cannabis dealers will often deal with just one product, and unless you really know someone, steer clear of this. There are marijuana dealers that will get you other stuff, but chances are they are going to get busted soon and/or put you in some rough situations that should be avoided at all costs.

Getting Busted

If you get busted, even if it’s not your fault, even if you are a great person, chances are your marijuana dealer will cut you off. You are tainted, you have the marijuana scarlet letter, etc. Once you establish that you are not a narc, which is difficult no matter what, you may be able to reconcile things and start purchasing again. If you are legit, chances are you won’t get busted. But if you do, and you are legit, understand where the dealer is coming from.

Bad Business Practices

This is kind of a catch all for other stuff. If you show up trying to trade a toaster for nugs, you will be cut off. If the dealer catches wind that you rip people off, or have in the past, you will be cut off. If you don’t pay back the fronts you owe for weed on loan, you will be cut off.

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