Seattle Police Officer Gives Man His Pot Back After He Dropped It – That’s How You Know Times Are Changing

Police aren’t necessarily known for their lax attitude towards cannabis—arresting over seven million people for cannabis possession from 2001 to 2010. But in bodycam footage shared on World Star Hip Hop, one man was lucky enough to encounter a bicycle cop who didn’t seem to want to make a possession arrest.

The video shows the man dropping his stash on the ground while fumbling around with his shoe.

“Doing alright?” The cop asks.“Yeah,” explains the man, worried. “I’m selling this shoe.” “Uh-huh,” remarks the policeman with doubt in his voice. “Did you drop something?”“Hmm? No,” answers the man, shuffling around.


“Take a step back,” orders the cop, pointing into the man’s chest. He picks up a black bag that the man had dropped and moves it to reveal a small baggie lying on the ground. The cop then casually remarks, “Eh, that’s just marijuana, put that away.” The lucky man continues to smoke his cigarette and brushes some ash off of his coat with the shoe he was “selling.”


“These are size 13,” the man continues his story even though he’s been let off of the hook, “I’m trying to sell ‘em. How you doin’ over there?” “Doin’ great,” the policeman responds.“Good job.”“Just remember not to display it or smoke it in public,” the cop begins to turn away towards someone else who’s being ticketed. “Thanks.”

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