Selling Cannabis Isn’t Difficult, But Dealing Successfully And Not Get Caught Is

Just because more and more states are legalizing cannabis, that doesn’t mean the black market for marijuana is gone. There are a number of reasons that people still call their dealers instead of visiting one of the dispensaries – the two major reasons for the black market’s longevity: price and convenience. Black market marijuana sellers don’t have to give a cut to the government to produce or distribute cannabis. They don’t have to maintain expensive, government-inspected grow buildings or pay official staff. This should translate directly into lower pot prices. Buyers are very motivated by quality and price per gram.

Weed may be legal but buying that government-sanctioned grass will cost hefty prices thanks to new taxes — if you’re lucky enough to live close enough to one of the newly licensed shops that aren’t yet plentiful enough to meet demand. For the vast majority of people, who live in non-medical marijuana dispensary states, buying/selling and dealing marijuana on the down low is the only option.

Selling marijuana isn’t difficult, but dealing successfully is

Since you have to sell marijuana  to other people, then getting caught is going to be a risk that you are going to have to accept. A drug deal is a transaction, just like any other transaction where you buy a snickers or a pack of cigarettes, it’s an exchange. Generally speaking, dealers get caught by being careless, snitches, and coincidence. People get caught for selling weed for two main reasons: They tell a bunch of people that they’re growing/selling and/or they get careless and underestimate their enemy.

The Grow

  • Grow something you can manage. The people who grow 100 plants at a time are the ones who get caught. Growing a smaller number of plants means you can have a smaller grow room.
  • Pick strains that are low odor. If police smell weed stench all around your property they will have probable cause.
  • Use low heat lights and good insulation so as not to give off a significant heat signal.
  • Wear same clothes when dealing with plants or harvesting, this will lower the chance of contamination and please use gloves.
  • Use a special drying room or device to dry your crop, don’t just hang the weed in your room.

The Sale

  • Pay close attention to this one as this is where people usually f**k up.
  • Don’t advertise on social media. Seriously, you’d be surprised at the number of times this happens.
  • Don’t tell anyone you’re close to that you deal. Your friends will be interrogated, as will your family. If they don’t know anything, you make a much better case for yourself.
  • Never text or call people to make a large sale. Meet them somewhere private before hand and talk in person.
  • When you’re arranging a sale, do it only with people you know.
  • Don’t corner deal. You will only last 3 weeks, tops.
  • When selling, never refer to weed as marijuana or any other similar names. Give it a code name.
  • If you live in a residential community, don’t drive to where you’re offering. Cars get pulled over quite often.
  • If your customer complains, listen attentively and don’t argue.
  • Dress casually, keep your hair cut, and don’t wear anything that shows your love of weed.
  • Occasionally give freebies to loyal customers. This is optional but makes the relationship a friendly, which is crucial all across the board.
  • Don’t get greedy or cocky. Those are the two major factors that will get you caught.

Black market marijuana growers and dealers always have to be security conscious. It’s impossible to hide yourself completely. Everybody talks, you may only sell to friends but those friends have friends that you don’t know, and those friends have friends that you also don’t know. You could literally sell to one person, and your chances of getting caught are still very high.

Stay safe out there guys!

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