Seth Rogen Smokes From A Gratest Gravity Bong Ever

Recently, one of Hollywood’s biggest stoners kicked it up yet another proverbial notch by smoking his weed out of something that looks like it is straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

A gravity bong is basically a method of using two containers, usually plastic bottles, to funnel marijuana smoke through water and into a person’s lungs. Rogen was using what looks like a pretty intricate gravity bong set up, as you can tell from his facial expression that looks like someone discovering alien life.

When we first see Seth with the device, we see the water in the top compartment of the capsule-like paraphernalia. When Seth takes a lighter to the buds, the top compartment begins to fill with thick, white smoke, and the water is pushed to the bottom. Rogen’s wife and dogs looked on with excitement while the Pineapple Express star choked from the big hits he took. But what the eff was this futuristic new toy? A little digging led us to find the creator of the spiraling spaceship looking glass piece.

It is called the Stundenglass by glass distributor Lazydaze Counter Culture. According to their website, the smoking contraption is made of “anodized aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel and durable Teflon seals. Stundenglass has a unique water design and a battery-free motor which adds to the functionality of a 180-degree rotation.

Things don’t go quite as planned for Rogen. Although the video cuts off, Rogen said he coughed for 20 straight minutes after hitting the bong with his wife laughing at him the whole time.

Watch Seth Rogen Hit the Coolest Gravity Bong Ever

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