Short History of Cannabis Vaporizers

Through the years, marijuana use has led to the invention of different apparatuses and devices. There are many methods of using the plant and people have continuously desired to make a better and more convenient way to use it. Cannabis users learned to use marijuana as rolled cigarettes. From there, the use of glass smoking apparatuses was developed. Derived from these are improved pipes and bongs, and now, vaporizers with more advanced features.

What exactly is Vaping?

Vaporizers are devices that heat a variety of ingredients producing aromatic blends, tobaccos, herbs, medicinal marijuana, oils, aromatherapy and other plants. The blends are heated to a level allowing the release of the materials but below the temperature that would burn them. As there is no combustion during the process of heating, a vapor is released that is quite cool and non-irritating to the user’s throat, eyes and skin.

So how far back does the history of the vaporizer actually go?

While mechanized vapes might be a recent phenomenon, their predecessor spans back millennia. In fact, the early ancestor of today’s vaporizers come from the ancient Egyptians. Placing seeds over a bed of heated stones, Egyptians would inhale the fumes created by the burning kernels. Eventually, the vaporizer evolved into a more recognizable form: the hookah. Technically speaking the first real vaporizer was invented by Irfan Shiekh of the Mogul’s Safavid Dynasty know to us as “Hookah, or as a waterpipe, narghile, arghila, qalyān, shisha”. About 1400 years ago Moguls then rulers of India introduce Hookah to India which was then more used to a Chillum. Introduced into Turkey approximately 500 years later. They became so popular that upper classes used them for social gatherings. In turn, the shapes and designs became more ornate to fit their wealthier lifestyle. At the peak of the 19th century, hookahs were a mainstay in the typical opium den.

Although the particularities of the invention of marijuana vaporizers are unclear, there is a lot of available information as to where it originated from and who is responsible for its conception. The first one who came up with the idea of the electronic cigarette is Joseph Robinson. He did it in 1927, in which he filed a patent to the USPTO for the first Mechanical Butane ignition Vaporizer. 1960 was the dawn of the modern day inventor of e-cigarette. Korean Veteran Herbert A. Gilbert. The Modern day vaporizers, until this day, are claimed to be built on the blueprint of Mr. Gilberts’ Original design.

What about the vaporizer we know today?

It all started in 1993. Eagle Bill, a cannabis activist who advocated the medical uses of marijuana, first experienced vaporizing the plant when a Californian grower used a heating gun to extract the THC by vapor. He decided to capitalize on the idea. He eventually created the Shake and Vape. The shake and vape was later known as “Eagle Bill’s peace pipe of the future” and is considered to be one of the most efficient hand-held vaporizers that many medicinal users favor. Eagle Bill brought his invention to the 7th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for everyone to try and thousands were able to experience ‘vaping’ at the said exhibit. While Amato’s vaporizer looked more like the traditional weed bowl than anything else, they were important steps in the development of the vaporizers you’re familiar with today.

Later on, marijuana users were able to discover the forced air system vaporization process, wherein hot air is forced over marijuana using a fan. The development of marijuana vaporizers has continued since then, with more and more companies investing in the creation of digital, powerful, and more portable devices that marijuana users are now checking out. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the vaping industry began to boom. Since then, the vaping scene has seen rapid expansion. At present, there are four types of marijuana vaporizers being used: the Vaporizer Pen, e-cigarette, mechanical vape mod, and the desktop vaporizer.

The growth of the cannabis-centered vaporizer industry shows no signs of stopping, especially as more states come on board with medical and recreational weed. Vaporizers are leading in popularity due to their overall clean, harmless inhalants that are also favored by those treating patients’ medical issues. Unlike combustible materials, a vaporizer leave the components or materials intact. Although they have been vaped, these blends retain their active ingredients and can be used again.

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