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Should I Use Soft Or Hard Water For Cannabis Plants?

Watering is a vital part of growing healthy, happy marijuana plants. However, it can be difficult to know what to do, but with patience and the right knowledge, you will know exactly what it takes to get the results you want.

Hard water has a way of stopping your plants from receiving all of its proper nutrients. If you aren’t sure what you have, one thing you can try is combining both unfiltered with filtered water. It is an excellent blend of water for your plants. If you do this, make sure you check to see if there are any dissolved solids in the water. What you want is a well-proportioned amount of dissolved solids, so you don’t end up with not enough soft water and there’s not too much hard water. The perfect amount is around 100 to 150 ppm. When your water’s dissolved solids is too low, change it to 150ppm through the use of Cal-Mag. When the water is above 250ppm, that means it’s too high and you will want to filter it with ionic or reverse osmosis filters.

You can deal with the dissolved solids being too high by combining two parts filtered water with one part unfiltered water. This will bring the ppm down to 150. If the water is too hard, this can be damaging to hydro systems.

How to solve water problems

Sulfur in water

When your water smells like sulfur, this means it is time to check the pH balance. Being that sulfur is highly acidic this could be a sign that the pH is too low. A product such as pH Up can properly adjust the pH of your water. It is a good idea also to check the soil too since it may be negatively affected by water that has a low pH. Just use some lime to raise the pH.

Chlorinated Water

Chlorine can have many effects on marijuana plants. One way is by killing microorganisms that develop colonies in the roots in the rhizosphere of some media systems. Because of this the growth is slowed down.

Chlorine can also burn the tips of your leaves on hot, sunny days.

Many growers use tap water that usually has chlorine and most likely fluoride as well. This doesn’t necessarily stop your plants from growing healthy, it’s just that they are better off without chlorine.

To effectively get rid of chlorine in your water you can use activated carbon filters. You have the option of several products that were created to remove chlorine.

Too much sodium in water

Too much sodium in water is never a good thing considering marijuana plants absorb sodium faster than any other nutrient, which could cause your plants vascular system to be destroyed.

Symptoms of water problems

Some signs that there are a problem include slowed growth, leaves that start withering and unexpected deficiencies. You also might notice that the plants are not absorbing nutrients as well.

Hard water can cause damage to hydroponic systems. At the same time, soft water isn’t necessarily the best for gardening.  That is why you’d will want to stay clear of water that has water softeners in it. Remember, the right balance of water will help you achieve good yields at the end of your plants growing cycle.

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