Signs That it Might Be Time To Lay Off Marijuana

If you’re wondering whether you should bench your bud, take a look at some of these reasons why you may want to abstain.

School Work Is Suffering

Marijuana is quickly becoming more popular than alcohol on college campuses. Some believe this is due to students trying to make healthier choices when it comes to times of inebriation. This shift is just one of the reasons that alcohol sales are reportedly starting to slip in the United States. But the same as alcohol has been known to cause problems for students — making them late for class, causing them to fail courses, lose scholarships, etc. — marijuana can have a similar impact for some.

You’re Spending Too Much Money on Cannabis

A one-time-buy isn’t that expensive, but those one-times turn into 12-times and then your ATM card’s looking at you like this isn’t the relationship that y’all agreed to. It’s very easy to spend hundreds on a few grams and a few edibles or concentrates, then look up at the end of the month and see that you could’ve bought a plane ticket to Hawaii or, even better, a delicious amount of mozzarella sticks.

Problems At Work


For some, getting stoned after a long day at work is just what the doctor ordered. Marijuana is known for its ability to calm anxiety, lessen stress and just get the user into the right headspace to forget about the job for a while. Very rarely does this use interfere with a person’s ability to earn a living. But it is not beyond the scope of imagination that a person might want to experience the feel-good effects of the herb more than just after the day is done. These people might consume cannabis before work and even on the clock. Of course, in most cases, marijuana use is not tolerated in the workplace.

Legal Issues Because of Marijuana

People who encounter troubles with substance abuse almost always, at some point, meet the wrath of law enforcement. In a situation involving marijuana, the user might get arrested for weed during a traffic stop, or they may find themselves caught up in a bust after visiting a neighborhood street dealer. Even in legal states, where cannabis consumers can walk into a dispensary and buy the herb with the swipe of a credit card, there is plenty of room to find trouble.

Either You’re Getting Too High…

There was a period in college where I couldn’t even smell a blunt without passing out for the next six hours. Imagine being that friend: every time you get high, you pass out on the couch, and now the sitting area is closed for the next 360 minutes.

If you’re getting way too high and it’s leaving you feeling stuck too consistently, you may need a less-potent strain or product, or at least admit that your body isn’t built for war and you need to retreat for a bit to get your soldiers in order.

…Or Your Cannabis Tolerance Has Gotten Too High


Sometimes you smoke so much that you feel like you’re not feeling the effects as strongly as you used to. The only way to power through is to take a little break to reset your tolerance a bit. Even just 24 hours will help, but a full month? Oooohweee, that will make a big difference.

There’s no shame in walking away from a bit. You can still support the mission of normalizing the use of cannabis and advancing the legalization of medical marijuana without actually indulging in the product.

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