Simple Rules For A Successful Dab Sesh

Dabbing is one of the most popular new ways to consume cannabis. And for good reason. Dabs allow you to experience a pure and powerful – almost instant – high. This is because concentrates are extremely potent with up to 70-90% THC per dab. Fun and flavorsome, dabbing is popular in both medical and recreational markets. As with all cannabis consumption methods, there are unspoken rules to follow. Regular users will recognize some of these as standard sesh rules, but still, it’s always nice when people have manners.

Serve your own stash

You know the potency and quality of your own stash, so it’s imperative to help serve others appropriately. Given the large variety in types, consistencies and prices of concentrates, it will help the overall process if you aid others in arranging a dab. Along those same lines, if it’s someone else’s stash, let them serve you. If they give you the green light to serve yourself, by all means, go ahead!

Never touch a hot nail

Sounds like a pretty simple one to remember, but you’d be surprised how many people automatically do it. be careful around recently used nails as they’ll retain their heat for a while, and you don’t want to end up with really, burnt fingers and a potentially ruined sesh.

Don’t leave vapor in the tube

Make sure you finish the entirety of your hit! Nobody wants to taste the stale vapor you left in the rig. You don’t have to finish it all in one inhalation, but make sure that the entirety of the vapor in the rig has been cleared before passing the torch.

Help the noobs

We were all novice dabbers once. Be cool, make sure they know what they are doing, make sure they understand that dabbing is a whole different ball game from smoking flower. Don’t make fun and dare them to try more than they can handle. It’s not worth the potential vomit situation.

Keep the rig clean

Keep your equipment clean.  After you take a dab, there will inevitably be some sticky residue remaining on the dabber – wipe it off! Use a lighter to heat the end of the dabber and wipe the sticky leftovers onto a paper towel. This will ensure the person dabbing after you has a clean tool to use. Nobody likes grabbing a sticky dabber or tasting your leftovers. You are responsible for the hygiene of your rig! Dirty rigs are visually unappealing and provide a significantly less flavorful hit than a clean rig. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but get those gross chunks of concentrate out of your tube.  If you’re dabbing in a large group, it’s polite to have alcohol wipes or something similar to sanitize the mouthpiece between hits. Seriously, it’s not hard.

 Know what you’re dabbing

Budder, wax, shatter… With so many new concentrates available, it’s important that you know what you’re smoking. Different concentrates need different optimum temperatures, and will have different portion amounts.

Don’t yabba-dabba-do it all

Hitting the rig too hard is easy, and sometimes the effects aren’t pretty. Know your limits, and think about other variables. Have you eaten today? Are you drunk? Do you have to go to work later? Are you meeting your parents for dinner in 20 minutes? Think about whether you need to dab it all, or keep some for later.

Heat the nail for the next person

It’s common courtesy to heat the nail up for the next person dabbing after you. While you’re heating up the nail, they have time to get their dab arranged on the dabber.

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