Some Of The Necessities For A Traveling Stoner

Is it hard for you to stay in one place for long? If so, you better stock up before heading out with these necessities for the traveling stoner

A Small Pipe Or One-Hitter

An obvious necessity for any trip, a tool for toking that you love will a lifesaver. Grab yourself an awesome Digger One-Hitter or a colorful bat that shows off your style, whatever it is, just make sure it’s durable and easy to load and clean!

Rolling Papers

In the event your favorite travel piece is dirty, misplaced, or God forbid, broken, it’s always good to have a backup plan. Papers are the best backup plan you could ask for since they’re light, thin, and everybody loves joints!

Rolling Tray/Pouch

Rolling papers are only as good as your ability to roll. For those who aren’t very skilled at rolling on the go, it might be a good idea to carry a rolling kit or tray with you as well!

Zenype’s gadget – Portable bong bowl grinder

Zenpype’s gadget can turn almost any PVC or glass bottle in to a bong. Optimal flow – for optimal bong performance. Contains an integrated grinder. Can be used as a bowl pipe and is discreet. It fits in to every pocket.

Eye Drops

Of course, there are some places more green-friendly than others, so be ready to adapt with some smell-good and eye drops to cover up the possible dankness coming off your stuff.

A Traveling Case To Carry It All

Finally, you need to find a carrying bag that you absolutely love. I’m the type of person who likes to keep all my valuables on me, so having a comfortable backpack or messenger back is incredibly important. However, I also advise caution from simply walking around in public with your stash bag, so maybe consider a bag that is small enough to fit inside another bag.

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