Sour Tsunami Cannabis Strain

THC 10%
CBD 11%

Sour Tsunami is a high-CBD strain. In fact, it’s one of the first CBD strains to become popular. With nearly a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, this strain is popular among those with seizure disorders and anxiety.
Sour Tsunami is a high-CBD hybrid. In fact, it’s one of the first CBD strains to become popular. With nearly a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, this strain may be useful among those with seizure disorders and anxiety.

Experience with Sour Tsunami

The Sour Tsunami marijuana strain is a high-CBD hybrid. It was first bred in Humboldt by Lawrence Ringo of Southern Humboldt Seed Collective.

Ringo actually bred this strain to address his own medical condition, and it quickly became one of the first high-CBD strains to gain popularity. Ringo had severe back pain and did not want to take opioid pain medication. So, he developed this strain to use instead.

Friendly and easygoing, this is an appropriate strain for novice cannabis consumers. This strain is unlikely to cause intoxication, making for a calm and relaxed introduction to cannabis.

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Recreational users may not get much out of this strain, but those looking for a mild and calm herb to ease stress may enjoy this flower. It’s also a good option for folks who are interested in cannabis but don’t like the experience from high THC strains.

Traits of Sour Tsunami

This strain is primarily a cross between Sour Diesel and NYC Sour Diesel, yet there are a couple of other strains in the mix as well. These include Double Diesel and Ferrari.

It took 4 years to develop this strain, and the results are quite fantastic. The CBD content in this strain typically runs between 10 and 13%. The THC content usually gets as high as 10% So, this strain produces close to a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

This strains nugs are tightly packed, with green and slightly purple-tinged leaves, if the plant has been exposed to cold weather at the right point in it’s growing cycle. Marijuana enthusiasts will recognize the signature diesel musk of its parent plant, while cannabis newcomers can appreciate the sweet undertones.

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Medical Benefits of Sour Tsunami

The psychoactivity is either very mild or non-existent. Those with seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, and pain may find relief with this strain.

This marijuana strain is also popular among those with inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

The high CBD content makes it an excellent choice for those with anxiety disorders. CBD mitigates some of the intoxicating effects of THC, making it appropriate for those with a tendency toward cannabis-induced anxiety.


  • Sleepy
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifting


  • Citrus
  • Diesel
  • Earthy
  • Woody


Grow Difficulty

  • Hard

May Help

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Cramps
  • Epilepsy
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasms


  • Caryophyllene – Pepper
  • Linalool – Lavender
  • Myrcene – Musk, mango
  • Terpinolene – Wood

  • 105
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