South Park Reenacts Cannabis Company MedMen Add In Satirical Way – Must Watch

South Park has reenacted a cannabis company MedMen Add In satirical way earlier this week.

While this segment doesn’t call out the dispensary chain MedMen by name, it is satirizing a short film the company released in partnership with director Spike Jonze in February The add took a cinematic look at the history of marijuana prohibition and the growing normalization of the cannabis industry.
MedMen add

MedMen faced some criticism from reform advocates after it was reported that the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association urged New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to keep home cultivation of weed illegal and the company is a member of the same group.

In a statement from a MedMen representative

source: Comedy Central

“We respect the right of those who choose to cultivate cannabis for their personal use,”

What does the Tegridy farms stand for?

“The truth is this country has always been people with integrity, all fighting for the one thing they can agree on,”And that’s why Tegridy is donating 100 percent of profits to charities that work to right the wrongs of the drug war until weed is legal nationwide.”

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