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Space Buckets – Start Growing Weed For Less Than $100! –Upgrade to LED and Watering System – Part 2

This two upgrades should lower your electricity bill and make your space buckets more autonomous….

LED Grow Light

Space Buckets can be upgraded with a LED spotlight, which is also easy to make and relatively cheap.

There are many types of LED lights; the one used in this quick guide is a 4x3w High-Power LED bulbs, warm white.

The resulting LED thing can be used to focus light on a specific part of the plant. Modules and instructions may vary.

The image below explains the procedure:

1.) Take the module and attach a passive cooler (with thermal paste).

2.) Connect cables to a 12v power supply with the proper amperage.

3.) Add some legs to plant the spotlight. Finished!

Upgrade your space bucket by wiring in a small LED grow light

Easy Watering System

You can also update you Space Bucket with a safer and simple watering system that uses gravity to push water out of a hose.

An easy watering system for your Space BucketsA semi-automated watering system for your Space Bucket

The basic idea is to make a hole on the side of the bucket and put some kind of hose through it, making sure that the angle will allow the water to flow.

A cointaner and a valve is added to control the amount of water used.

Hose delivers water directly to plant roots, allowing you to water the plants from outside the Space Bucket

View inside the Space Bucket – the watering system automatically delivers water to your plants from outside the bucket

  • Space buckets are perfect for growing autoflower cannabis plants.
  • Did you try growing in space buckets? let us know in the comments below.
  • The basic tutorial how to make space buckets here

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