Stoner Bucket List: 10 Things Every stoner Should Do

The stoner culture is filled with idioms, stoner memes and slangs referencing most of them, and most of us have probably crossed off most, if not all of the items on the stoner bucket list by the time we have learned to roll a cross joint! For those of you that haven’t been smoking for too long, we give you some of our favorites, that we think, signal a smokers journey into the cannabis culture.

Being part of the cannabis culture in the 21st century means crossing off these from your stoner bucket list. We take you through our favorites.

Smoke a Blunt

An obvious item on the bucket list is to smoke a blunt. A blunt is simply a joint rolled with high quality marijuana and a cigar wrap instead of rolling paper. Some may find the blunt extremely harsh but trying one is a must as a stoner.

Smoke a Joint with Over a Gram of Weed In It

Comically massive joints are a waste of weed, but every stoner has to roll one in their lifetime. Take a few King Size papers and stick them together creating a 4 or 6 paper joint. It may take a while to roll one of these bad boys and a few friends to help smoke, but a huge joint is essential part of every stoners bucket list.

Try Hotboxing

Hotboxing is a favorite stoner pastime, and for those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is the act of smoking up a very small, air-tight space. Most people will hotbox a car, a bathroom or a bedroom. Smoking in a small, enclosed space means everyone gets higher, if only from being in a room with too much carbon dioxide. Some adventurous stoners have even hotboxed their tents while camping before.

Buy an Ounce or More

Buying in bulk signifies you are no doubt a stoner. Buying in bulk is good and ultimately saves money if you smoking a lot. Be careful as most of us that buy in bulk end up smoking more. Try to keep your tolerance low by taking breaks in your smoking schedule or switch your smoking methods from joint to bong or vis versa.

Try to Grow Your Own

Every smoker has dreamt of growing their own trees and most stoners have crossed that off their stoner bucket list. Growing your own tree can be extremely time consuming, cost quite a bit of money and be extremely stressful to operate if you growing in a place illegally. Most stoners learn pretty quickly that it is often not worth the hassle and easier to buy your green.

Try to Make Dabs/Hash/Cannabutter

Whether it be bubble hash with ice and water or honey oil with butane, or even a simple cannabutter recipe every stoner has experimented at processing their weed into something stronger. More often than not, everything turns out great and everyone gets high… But do not over do it.

Smoking a Dab

Dabs are extremely potent. Some are up to 98% THC! Taking a hit of one of these needs to be experienced at least once by every stoner. Dabbing has become extremely popular recently. Especially with the emergence of new solvent-less methods of extraction. More often than not you will end up dabbing too much on your first hit.

Go To Work/School Stoned

Most stoners end up doing this all the time or have crossed this off their stoner bucket list. Remember to pop in some eye drops so that it is not too obvious. Act cool, calm and collected. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a bathroom break and drink something caffeinated to counter the effects.

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Have a Favorite Cannabis Strain

A stoner bucket list is not complete without a favorite cannabis strain. There are 1000’s of weed strains to smoke. Once you find a favorite it shows you are a true stoner and your tastes have developed a liking for a particular flavor or high. Once you have found a strain you love do not neglect new varieties as it can help mixing it up to keep your tolerance down.

Attend a Weed Legalization Protest

Attending a protest to legalize pot is a must. Every stoner should be helping where they can in the effort to legalize cannabis everywhere. Smoking at the rallies gets you extra points.

  • What would you add to your stoner bucket list? !

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