Stoner SOS: Save Our Stash! Ways To Conserve It

Running out of cannabis is one of the worst possible situations a stoner can find themselves in. Check out these methods of conserving your cannabis and you may never find yourself in this non-sticky situation again!

Everyone’s been in this situation: You get home from a long day at the office, grab your favorite piece, and your stash, only to realize that that fresh bag you just got is almost completely depleted. Maybe you’re at a party and just promised your group of friends that you would smoke them out, only to find one small nug or some shake dust. What do you do?

Save that keef!

Saving your keef can save your life when you are running low or you are entirely out of cannabis. For those who are not aware, keef is the term for the THC crystals that are on cannabis. When smoked, those small crystals, can get you very baked. The best way to save your keef is by using a grinder with more than two chambers. A four-piece grinder will usually do the trick and come with a bottom collection bin covered by a mesh screen, which collects and saves keef each time you use it. Keef can be compressed to make hash, which should last you until you can replenish your supply.

Weed Knife-hits

Knife hits are very effective when it comes to getting the most from just a small amount of cannabis. Contrary to popular belief you can use shake for knife hits; just roll some shake between your fingers and the oils in your hands will cause your cannabis to stick together. As long as your knives or paddles are heated well enough and you are quick, your hit won’t collapse upon contact. Knife hits are fantastic for conserving your cannabis because one small hit can keep you baked for hours.

Use a One-hitter or “Chillum”

I love one hitters, aka “chillums” as they are more commonly known. There are many reasons to smoke out of a chillum. They are small, so you can carry one in your pocket. The shape makes them more inconspicuous than a standard pipe, so it’s easier to get away with smoking one in public. The most rewarding aspect of the chillum is that it is great for conserving cannabis. The bowl in a chillum is smaller than a normal pipe so these are especially great for solo smoke sessions. If you are with a group of friends, load them a personal hit. This way no one is left out and everyone is happy. Check out some of our chillums here.

Make yourself a gravity bong

Gravity bongs are an awesome way to preserve your stash. You will only need a small amount for each hit and just like knife hits, your high will last much longer than it would had you smoked from a pipe. Gravity bongs are also fun activities for large groups of people, making them again, ideal for parties.

Roll some spliffs

Spliffs are like joints, except they have tobacco mixed in with cannabis. Spliffs are great for conserving cannabis because you can use as much tobacco and as little marijuana as you want. If you use high quality tobacco, the spliff doesn’t taste as much like a cigarette. Spliffs are also useful for covering up that cannabis smell. If you roll it well enough, no one will even know that you aren’t smoking an ordinary home-rolled cigarette.

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