Stoner On the Go Essentials

When it comes to smoking weed, it’s vital to always be strapped. No one wants to be unprepared for a blazing excursion, whether you’re at home, at a friends house or on the go. So if you are anything like me, you probably love taking your weed with you when you travel. Some people may just throw their weed in a random bag and go but there is a much better way to do it. A smell proof, discreet, and life-saving way. Chances are you have one or two of these savvy stoner essentials in your smoking kit already, but we guarantee that you don’t have all of them.


A solid grinder is probably the most vital item that any stoner can possess. Breaking up with your hands can be a complete pain in the ass, especially when your weed is as sticky as mine. Cut that time down and make sure your ingredients are properly broken down for the optimal smoking experience. In most cases, the grinders come with kief catchers, which is like frequent flyer miles for your bud.

#2: Lighter

Always have a lighter on deck. But never use a white one. This rule is as old as smoking weed itself. The legend goes that stoner reggae legend Bob Marley actually died while using one of these things. Can we confirm this? No. Are we going to take our chances? Hell no.

#3: Metal Pipe

Sometimes we don’t have the space to roll a joint, or it makes too much smoke for where you are so for those very reasons it would be best to invest in a metal pipe. You can get a glass or even crystal pipe but metal pipes won’t break on you and you can bring different size bowls and caps for the bowls to make you sesh even better!

#4: Body Spray

You don’t need to keep this in with your weed but definitely keep it close. Again, if you are camping you may want to skip this step so you don’t get eaten alive but on any other trips, body spray will be needed. The last thing you need is to stop somewhere for a pit stop and smell dank as hell when you walk in.

#5: Visine

Or sunglasses, anything that can hide the redness of your eyes is a must. I prefer Visine because sunglasses give me headaches but if you would rather them, go ahead. Again, with camping, you may not need the Visine but you may want the sunglasses!

#6: Mints

Not only can mints help with cotton mouth, but they can also help get the smell of weed from your breath. So, if you need to get rid of both mints are your best friends. If you don’t have any, I’m just you will come across somewhere that carries them on your road trip.

#7: Weed Storage

Whether you use a smell proof bag, a sandwich bag, or a jar, you need something to carry your weed in.  Having a good jar is just as important as having some good weed. Mason jars will often do the trick, but get creative and see what kind of cool glasses you can find. Not only will you be masking the smell, but your weed won’t get flattened in your pocket making it optimal to crush up and pour in your blunt or bong.

#8:  Rolling Papers

Wood papers? No, thanks! Why buy high-quality flower if you’re going to skimp on paper? Hemp is a decent middle-ground, but rice paper burns slower and cleaner. Rice rolling papers are a bit trickier to roll at first, but eventually you’ll get used to them, and the learning curve will only amplify your rolling skills.

#9: Rolling Tips

Nothing gives away a stoner like a mutilated business card. For the infrequent smoker, going Hannibal Lector on a movie ticket or tearing off a corner to a pack of gum is a fair enough move. But if joints are your preferred method of smoking, snagging some rolling tips is a pro play. Of course, you can always roll a joint without a filter—just don’t expect your friends to want to suck on that soggy, bedraggled excuse for a cone.

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#10: Large Capacity Smell Proof Storage

Sometimes you really need a child safe, locking stash box to manage everything. Check out the latest products from Black Rock Originals, the leaders in professional smell proof discretion.

The most important part of smoking — never get caught. Sometimes you have to take your talents to the public eye, so just know your surroundings and pick good spots to post up and burn one down. Always make sure to keep it moving and change up your spots every once in a while. Smoke mad weed and never get bagged by the cops. That’s the name of the game.

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