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Stretching Stems On Your Marijuana Plants

There are various reasons why the stems on marijuana plants stretch – and it can be a problem regardless of if your plants are outdoors and indoors. Certain strands, such as land race and tropical Sativa stretch tall whether they are indoors or outdoors.There are various reasons why the stems on marijuana plants stretch – and it can be a problem regardless of if your plants are outdoors and indoors. Certain strands, such as land race and tropical Sativa stretch tall whether they are indoors or outdoors. The good news is you are not stuck with this problem. There are ways to shorten the stem between the leaves.

For indoor marijuana plants, stretching could have a major impact on your yields due to the dilemma with imitation lighting. This could result in the stems becoming weak and eventually the plant may fall over. If, for any reason, the ceiling is not high enough, this could cause a problem too.

How to decrease stretching


The type of grow lights
The grow lights you use will affect how high your stems grow. If you use red or orange lights, expect slim, tall stems, and with blue lights you will get smaller thick stems. Metal halide lamps will generate short stems if the plant is in the vegetative stage.

Infrared lights, which are used when the lights are off, will help maintain the height of your plant just the way you like it. You can get a black cloth to go over the heat lamp reflector so that the infrared rays produce a good outcome. It will also capture red light to avoid going against what your goal. The flowering phase is the proper time to use infrared lights.

Air circulation
Proper air circulation is a must for the stems and leaves to become stronger and bigger while also decreasing how tall it gets. Having good air circulation encourages stem and leaf activity that makes the stems healthier, wider, and slows how tall it grows. High winds will cause the stems to bend, which results in tiny tears in the plant’s tissue, so you can try sweeping the leave to mimic the effects of air circulation.

The space between each plant
Bulk growing causes your plants to stretch. This is because, as your plant gets bigger, the leaves begin to mix. As a result, the base of your plant will become discolored and the sub-canopy will turn dark.

Stem growth and heat
Stem growth is affected by the temperature in your grow space. When the temperature is really high, the stems stretch more. At temperatures around 60*F your plants stems will grow and thicken. At around 80*F both the buds and stems will start growing taller.

Once the buds are too close to the light source, it gets slim and tall. Understand that by no means is this light burn. Heat generated from lamps can actually create problems for buds. Lamps that are air-cooled will keep most of the heat away from the room.

Lessen the stress
The happier your plant is, the better the overall process and the outcome will be. So, be sure to pay attention to the temperature, light spectrums, humidity and transplant shock.

Lighting is a big deal when growing marijuana plants, so as you can imagine this affects how the stems grow. The wrong amount of light could cause seedlings to grow slim, tall stems since it is attempting to reach the light. Simply changing how much light the plants get will turn things around for your plants.

Pruning is also a good way to deal with this problem. If you cut the top of the stem, the remainder of the branch will grow.

What to consider for stem stretching


Due to issues like budrot you may want your plant’s stems to grow taller depending on the strain, although this is rare.

It is a good idea to use oscillating fans to assist your plants stems in remaining strong.

The vegetative phase, and the first couple of weeks of flowering, you will want to use blue light to lessen how much it may stretch. Keep in mind that a large amount of nitrogen is not recommended for stretching stems. Give your plants a fertilizer with a rate of 2-2-2 during the first phase of flowering to make sure the nitrogen ratio stays balanced. Whatever you do, never immediately start giving your plant the regular ratio for flowering as soon as it is out of the vegetative phase because this will lead to it turning yellow.

During the vegetative state and the first two weeks of the flowering stage use blue lights to reduce stretching. If your plant is stretching, refrain from giving it too much nitrogen. Instead use a fertilizer ratio of (2-2-2) at the beginning of the flowering stage to keep the nitrogen levels average. Making an instant shift to the normal flowering ration right after the vegetative stage causes yellowing.


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